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Anyone have a guest pass?

SarandSarand Member UncommonPosts: 17
Hey guys, I normally just purchase a game and have at it but with a new baby around I don't want to just start throwing money into new games. I was hoping to try and get a guest pass from someone who has no use for it. I would really like to try out BDO but I want to make sure its a game I can balance my time with.  If you have one please PM it to me :) 

Thanks :)


  • Arc_XArc_X Member UncommonPosts: 37
    Just so you are aware... BDO is basically a life consuming type of game. Sure you can play at your own pace and enjoy the game but if you are a vet. type that enjoys pushing yourself and/or guild to be competitive in any sense of the word, then really anything short of 50+ hrs a week is just not gonna cut it. But yea. Definitely try out the game. I'm loving it but again I'm putting 80+ hrs a week into it.
  • SarandSarand Member UncommonPosts: 17
    edited March 2016
    Thanks for the feedback. That is actually the complete opposite of what I have been told about the game. I don't care about being in a top ranked guild anymore. I am just looking for a great social game. I don't care much for many of the newer MMOs right now and some of the old school details in BDO really have my interest peaked. 

    edit: If this new job opportunity works out as well I will be relocating ahead of my wife and kid so I will actually have quite a lot of time to play in two months. So if it is as consuming as you say then it would be perfect come then :pleased: 
  • PottedPlant22PottedPlant22 Member RarePosts: 800
    Arc_X said:
    I'm putting 80+ hrs a week into it.
    How much of that is afk fishing?  :)
  • SarandSarand Member UncommonPosts: 17
    w00t fishing! lets do it!
  • Arc_XArc_X Member UncommonPosts: 37
    Well I AFK fish at night as well as make sure to come home from work for every lunch hr now to spend all my families energy and then get the character back into the bed LOL. But yea my poor laptop hasnt been shutdown really since launch except for maybe 3 or 4 times :/ BTW check you PM Sarand ;)
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