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Pantheon Questions

danwest58danwest58 Member RarePosts: 2,012
I have the following questions about Pantheon and I want to know the FACTS we know not what MIGHT BE please.   

#1 Do we know what type of combat Pantheon will have?  Will it be Action Combat much like Tera or Neverwinter or will it be Tab Target like WOW or SWTOR, or will Combat be more like SWG or FFXI?

#2 Do we know what is the death Penalties will be?

#3 Do we know what type of monetization model this game will have?  will it be subscription with no cash shop, Subscription with a cash shop, F2P or B2P and what will the impact of people who spend money on the kick starter will have.  For Example will they have a item that will give them full health and Mana which can be used every 5 minutes which just over powers them?

#4 Will the game be PVE or PVP focused 

#5 What do we know about Raids and Dungeons?  Will these be instanced or will they be open world were 50 people will try to farm 1 mob for hours like in UO?

(Edited) #6 Will there be a LFG tool and how will it work?  Will it be like WOW or will it be more like FFXIV's Party finder where you and post your group and people can messaged you and join it.


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