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[Balmung][LFM][FC][SC][C][RP] "Crimson Phoenix"

drake2kdrake2k Member UncommonPosts: 11

Crimson Phoenix <Ashes> is a Rank 8 ‘Free Company’ in Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn, on the Balmung server. More then that we are a family of like minded individuals from various locations and diverse interests. Since our conception nearly 2 years ago, our primary focus has been to provide a casual, relaxed and drama free atmosphere while also progressing through content. Our leadership is hell bent on helping our members grow, learn and be a part of something bigger. We are looking for dedicated members that wish to not only progress, but help others to do so as well. Whether you’re into Role Play, PvP, Raiding, or just kicking back with your Chocobo at the beach, we are here for you! If this peaks your interest or perhaps you’re already sold, feel free to contact us in game or here on our ‘Forums‘ page ; .
~Nayade Blackwell


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