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Your first ever mmorpg?

What was the first mmorpg you ever played/tested?

First ever mmorpg i tested was Legend of Mir.

Class game, no potential but lotsa fun. Still play it from time to time.

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"
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"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"
"What ever happens, happens"



  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194

    first mmorpg i ever played was ultima online and i played it for 4 years.

    But ive played damn near every mmorpg on the american market, and beta tested even more

    To My Knowledge ive played & beta tested these:

    Anarchy Online


    Endless Ages

    Dark Ages Of Camelot

    Mu Online

    Biosphere (Savege Eden) - i got 2 accounts one for euo client and one for english client lol

    Star Wars Galaxies


    Asherons Call

    Asherons Call 2


    EVE Online

    Earth And Beyond


    Fung Wan Online

    Face Of Mankind (Ive got my email i hope i get into the beta soon)

    ETC. (im sure theres more but who can remember all those crappily made ones.. i sure cant)


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  • bozzboybozzboy Member Posts: 16

    My first mmorpg was Myth of Soma, which to me seemed like a gr8 game when I first started playing, but after a while it lost its 'gr8ness'.

    Only other ones I'v played are RoE and Prisontale

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    ---Rc FrEeK---

  • squeeesqueee Member Posts: 722
    My first was WWII online, didn't like it and quit quickly.

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  • findnolimitfindnolimit Member Posts: 112

    My first? Asheron's Call...  To this day I've never had more fun with any other game.  I played for 3 years and only stopped because I was so busy with school and wanted to try out some other titles... Played Everquest, DAoC, AC2... but oh how I long for those AC days... image

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  • OltzuOltzu Member UncommonPosts: 103
    I think my first one was ragnarok or runescape or Everquest one of them i cant remember

  • AmericanJoeAmericanJoe Member Posts: 29
    Earth and Beyond was my first mmorpg, beta tested it and played for over a year.

    Still Waiting for a good MMORPG!!!

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    Still Waiting For A Good MMORPG!!!

  • fulmanfufulmanfu Member Posts: 1,523

    my first was lineage, wayy back in alpha (there was only talking island, for those that know the game)

    maybe its becuase it was my first, but i still think its the most fun mmorpg i have ever played.

     also liked mir too, played that in beta/  actually just started again playing on a free mir3 server this week to kill some time..still fun, even better now with horses/houses/quests/pets and everyone not dressed exacly alike now

  • OwillyOwilly Member Posts: 2

    Originally posted by findnolimit

    ... but oh how I long for those AC days... image

    Ac's still kickin ' imageimage

    Come back for a bit ;)

    Proud Monarch of The Legion of Hope (Asheron's Call)

    Proud Monarch of The Legion of Hope (Asheron's Call)

  • JackoJacko Member Posts: 32
    UO,class game.

    VoY leader

    VoY leader

  • ShmeeShmee Member Posts: 321
    Redmoon beta. I think the first is always the most fun. I played redmoon for a good 2 years but now i look back on it it seems pretty crappy but it was amazingly fun at the time. Straight from there to alpha testing ragnarok.

    -I have gone to look for myself, if I should return, before I get back, keep me here.-


  • findnolimitfindnolimit Member Posts: 112

    You know... I have been thinking about coming back to AC since I left. I looked around on the AC1 board and someone had a poll going about returning to the game if they came out with an expansion. Having to start from scratch after having put so much work would be a pain but an expansion could help ease that a bit. Any really significant changes to the game within the past two years? I know the with monthly updates that could be a lot... something big enough to tempt people back?

    Thinking of strange days
    And wet-dream escapades
    Oh this summer is sweet sleep
    Because we are living day dreams

  • manohunmanohun Member Posts: 158

    My first was WWII Online, i think this will be the last also... :)

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  • AlethorAlethor Member Posts: 58
    My first MMORPG was Star Wars Galaxies, and I played it for most of the summer of 2003. I canceled some time after summer, I think around August. I am in need of a new MMORPG, so I might try Horizons.



  • SquareSquare Member Posts: 254
    My first MMORPG was Runescape, first paid MMORPG was Everquest.

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  • StukovStukov Member Posts: 180
    First was AO...went through quite a few others, and here I am back with AO. Don't know if its because its the first, or it truly is my favorite

  • Iceman12321Iceman12321 Member Posts: 992
    The original classic, Everquest. I still play it today too image

  • ZoharZohar Member Posts: 673

    1st - Various MUDs, not sure if these count though

    2nd - Asheron's Call

    3rd - Everquest

    4th - Anarchy Online

    5th - Ultima Online

    6th - Dark Ages of Camelot

    7th - Asheron's Call 2

    8th - Eve Online

    9th - Ragnarok Online

    10th - Final Fantasy XI

    Some games I haven't played very long (maybe a couple of weeks or months) but this is basically my MMORPG history (I think I played Rubies of Eventide for a few days too)

    -=MMORPG.COM Staff=-
    E-mail: Zohar@mmorpg.com

    E-mail: Zohar@mmorpg.com

  • NewoIkkinNewoIkkin Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Yah, classic EQ before any expansions came out and monks could wear the mask of deception (DE Monks hahaha).  Then switched to DAOC before they had darkness falls and Marfach.

  • thegravyboatthegravyboat Member Posts: 89

    1) AC

    2) EQ

    3) DAoC

    4) AC 2

    5) Neocron

    6) SWG

    Thats just a list of ones i played for a decent amount of time, the rest I just hated or were flops.


    ~Best thing since sliced bread

    ~Best thing since sliced bread

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    AC-Morningtha- Fou-Lu lvl 79 UA/LIFE

  • BLueBEarBLueBEar Member Posts: 242

    Meridian 59 back when 3DO owned all rights to the game, and back when it reigned over Ultima Online.


    Oh my got!!!
    i neber see a graphic of this before,
    i neber p2p any game before, but this game i must!

  • lamervenglamerveng Member Posts: 2

    Well, darkages was my first game =/

  • KoltraneKoltrane Member UncommonPosts: 1,049

    The first MMORPG I ever played was Neverwinter Nights (the old gold box AOL game, not the Bioware game).  That was back in the day when AOL charged $3.50/hr and I had a $250.00 AOL bill one month!  Turn based, lame graphics, 500 player max, but it was a blast! 

    The first CRPG I ever played was Exodus: Ultima III on a friend's PCjr! image  The pen and paper games never grabbed me, but Ultima hooked me for life. 

    BTW, this thread makes me feel OLD!

    Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate. (written on the SW:G CD)

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    Old timer.

  • ShmeeShmee Member Posts: 321
    Old skool! Those are some mad graphics, what specs do i need to be able to run that game?image

    -I have gone to look for myself, if I should return, before I get back, keep me here.-


  • gothokaosgothokaos Member UncommonPosts: 145

    UO... I was a rampant PK and a tinkerer image

    Those in town battles were fun till I started the EQ beta.... then I never looked back!!


    Gothokaos Maelstrom

  • findnolimitfindnolimit Member Posts: 112

    Hahahimage  Ultima III ...  I think i remember trying to play that when I was still in diapers.  My pops was hooked on that one for a long time if my memory serves me right.  I've been looking for a working free ware copy  for a while just to see what it was all about in the oldskool days.

    Thinking of strange days
    And wet-dream escapades
    Oh this summer is sweet sleep
    Because we are living day dreams

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