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stat granting costume + clothes laundering

d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878
So what do you guys think of this?

I was just reading over in the Black Desert thread here that the stat granting costumes make much more money than the purely cosmetic.

I wonder how this will affect AA. Probably the people who have committed a lot of money already will not pull out and AA has found its audience by now.


  • jesadjesad Member UncommonPosts: 882
    More of the same and what most should have come to expect from these folks by now.

    "If the crafting and gathering options aren’t up your alley, you can always buy the Stones from your fellow Adventurers on the Auction House"

    = pay to win.

    "To remove the look, you’ll need an Extraction Alembic, which you can pick up from the General Merchant for 100g or the ArcheAge Marketplace."

    = pay to enjoy.

    And on a side note, how is it that they have all this time to work on this "feature" but have not been able to fix things that they have already promoted in the past regarding costumes? (Remember patch 2.0 when they made it easier to get the mats for these costumes?)

    "When your Basic Costume is first worn, the statistics will go into a dormant mode after 30 days. The stats won’t be removed from the costume — you just won’t benefit from them for the time being. In order to unlock the stats once more, you’ll need to acquire a Synthium Soap from the General Merchant for 120g or from the ArcheAge Store.

    Once your costume is cleaned and dried, the magical power within will reactivate and the 30 day timer will begin once more. Remember: clean clothes DO have class!"

    = pay to win every 30 days LOL

  • tilt5tilt5 Member UncommonPosts: 5
    I dont plan on paying any real money for these costumes.  120 gold a month takes me 30 minutes to earn in the game.

    It is annoying if you are a frequent costume changer.  Seems very unfair to punish those who bought costumes in the past.
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