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when will this site have an RSS feed? it's becoming ridiculous...

blackmooreblackmoore Member Posts: 26

Every major information website has an RSS feed, why can't mmorpg.com have one? The RSS feed exists for mmorpg.com but is only accessible if you own a website and if you send a mail to the administrators, this is ridiculous. If you don't want to send the whole text of each news via RSS to keep us clicking on your publicity, its perfectly normal, but at least send us links to your news...
Your website is really great, but having to check it out to see if there are new news makes no sense when RSS exist::::37::


  • KaalinnKaalinn Member UncommonPosts: 121

    I dont know about you, but i get an email whenever there's a new news item from the categories i flagged when i registered for the newsletter

  • SerionSerion Member Posts: 20

    I'd rather have an rss feed. I get enough stuff cluttering up my inbox as it is.

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