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I have 10 keys to giveaway this evening.

kanechartkanechart Member UncommonPosts: 707
I'm going out need to get my passport updated but when I get back I'm going to generate the 10 winners.

The rules are you must comment once and be subscribed. I have never given out or done a little contest like this before so I'm not sure if this the best way but it seem more fair to everyone.




  • ArrowArrow Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Looking forward to it!
  • GladDogGladDog Member RarePosts: 1,097
    memememee I'm subscribed!  I want to give this game another shot to see if I am going to buy it.

    The world is going to the dogs, which is just how I planned it!

  • joeslowmoejoeslowmoe Member UncommonPosts: 127
    edited February 2016
    I'd like a key if you have one left.  Posted and subbed as well.
    Post edited by joeslowmoe on
  • FudneynzoFudneynzo Member UncommonPosts: 2
    i want a key :(

  • CevarasCevaras Member UncommonPosts: 8
    Thanks for letting us know!
  • AlakAlak Member UncommonPosts: 6
    Nice. Gifv, if u have one to spare. :chuffed: 

  • Asm0deusAsm0deus Member EpicPosts: 4,027
    Hi thanks for the giveaway!  and subbed.

    Brenics ~ Just to point out I do believe Chris Roberts is going down as the man who cheated backers and took down crowdfunding for gaming.

  • FudneynzoFudneynzo Member UncommonPosts: 2
    i subscribed !

  • berserksberserks Member UncommonPosts: 1
  • sipusipu Member UncommonPosts: 196
    edited February 2016
    commented ;) and subscribed ofc! (vlaskov1tz vLz)

  • RhapkRhapk Member UncommonPosts: 18
    Would like to try the game out before I give my head to purchase. Unfortunately I missed all the key giveaways.
    I'm looking foward to the winner's list! *Finger's crossed*

    *Subscribed as Elle L.*
  • AvanahAvanah Member RarePosts: 1,596
    GladDog said:
    memememee I'm subscribed!  I want to give this game another shot to see if I am going to buy it.
    "another"? I'd give it to someone who hasn't tried it. No offense. :)

    "My Fantasy is having two men at once...

    One Cooking and One Cleaning!"


    "A good man can make you feel sexy,

    strong and able to take on the whole world...

    oh sorry...that's does that..."

  • JeleenaJeleena Member UncommonPosts: 172
    Raserei said:
    I would like to get a key =-D   I have been at work everytime new keys come up.
    Same here :) Would really like to try out this game, it looks so beautiful.
  • aladrielaladriel Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Thanks Man!!
  • eddymweddymw Member CommonPosts: 1
    i waited for this
  • CerlegCerleg Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited February 2016
    Reporting for duty :) (yt: dbqp00)
  • IkedaIkeda Member RarePosts: 2,751
    I'm not funny.  Grakulen calls me Mr. Grumpfish.  But I'd love a chance to try this puppy out.
  • BorcaBorca Member UncommonPosts: 2
    wouldn't mind seeing the promised land for myself, before coughing up the euros ;)
  • LitestepLitestep Member UncommonPosts: 38
    All those game videos  ...  any favorites among them?
  • LostarLostar Member UncommonPosts: 891
    Nice! Good luck to whoever wins along with me....please? ....hello? ... ;)

  • katasteelkatasteel Member UncommonPosts: 30
    I pray for a key! :P
  • JensynJensyn Member UncommonPosts: 133
    Would love a key!
    Bookmarks are for quitters. 
  • KilrainKilrain Member RarePosts: 1,180
    Cool that you're doing this, but mind if I ask how you got 10 keys to give away?
  • RidrithRidrith Member RarePosts: 753
    Awesome giveaway.  I'd love a key man!
    I like to complain about games.
  • Greylady14Greylady14 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Oh would love to get a key 
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