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New trailer

Theres a new trailer available on www.tcos.com.

Its an interesting trailer, 3 minutes long, with the first half or so giving the background story and concept art, while the second half shows off some ingame locations and combat. It looks amazing, the screens don't do the game justice at all ::::01::


  • MaladakMaladak Member Posts: 50

    Very impressive.  And what's this I see? I may be mistaken but it looked like a character that was *gasp* overweight?  image


    When you do something right people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

  • BigbadaBoomBigbadaBoom Member Posts: 5

    The new trailer is just really amazing! It shows off some breath-takeing graphics!
    And don't forget: "What lies hidden, must be found..." (even if its hidden in the trailer ;))

  • GothicshadowGothicshadow Member Posts: 25

    Hehe, yeah! I love the graphics.. can't wait till the release!!! ::::40::

  • LordmunkLordmunk Member UncommonPosts: 6

    ^^ , the newest video is very good, looks like that kind of video Blizzard Realised on TV for WoW :P


  • GothicshadowGothicshadow Member Posts: 25
    Yeah, it would be cool if they released a trailer of TCOS on tv! image
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