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so is this game worth getting?



  • SammybonesSammybones Member UncommonPosts: 18
    Baitness said:
    I think it is worth it on sale.  I am really really disappointed they decided to give up on the promised PvP guards vs thieves update.  I really thought that was going to be amazing.

    As for the rest of the game, sometimes when playing it I feel like I am playing the future of MMORPGs - first person view, everything incredibly detailed, crosshair style combat, loads of lore, every NPC has voice overs, deep rich questing, the megaserver is done exceptionally well, the skill system rewards you for using what you want, the best use of phasing in any MMO, excellent dungeon delving, public dungeons, events, enormous scale 3 way pvp, no sub fee, and an incredibly large amount of solo content.

    Other times I just can't stand it - the engine does not perform nearly as well as it should, there is an ever present fog, terrible draw distance, you follow a linear main quest through each zone, researching crafting/levelling your mount is an absolute chore, the combat feels shallow, I don't feel like grinding through veteran ranks, cadwell's silver and gold are huge chunks of the game that are completely lore breaking, the game is solo-centric, the PvP is laggy and uninteresting, every zone is enclosed with walls/mountains, the anchor events are pointless and ultra repetitive, the skill system feels like just another long grind, and the quests seem dull.

    When I am into the game, it is amazing.  I remember walking into a massive RP event just outside Stormhold and realizing that this was exactly what I imagined an Elder Scrolls MMO could be.  Another time I remember the outpost I was running to emerging out of the fog 30 meters ahead of me, completely destroying any sense of immersion I had.  Then there was the time a stranger and I cleared the public dungeon with the crows, we helped each other all the way through without saying a word and it was excellent.  Then another time Riften was filled with nothing but low fps and black shadow figures because the crappy engine was struggling to load players.  The game does some things exceptionally well, but it is nowhere near a perfect experience.

    I recommend it to all my friends still, and I recommend it to you, too.  I would try to pick it up on sale, though.  The content isn't going anywhere, it is not a 'must play' game, the megaserver should keep everything populated, and the longer you wait the more bugs they fix. this graphics enhancer mod removes the dreadful fog ESO has... your welcome <3
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