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Questions on dowmloading trial

Blue3000Blue3000 Member Posts: 238

I'm trying to download the free trial for Anarchy as I'm currently searching for a new game. 

I already downloaded the Torrent which it said was required.  I'm going to register next then go back to completing the download of the game.

But do I need to download all the patches in the USA side since I"m in NYC in order to play?  There are about 70 or more patches and it does seem to be too many so I'm not sure on this.

Also there are more type patches on the right side for different stuff.  Do I also need to download these too?

Is there anything else I should know to finish this process?

I appreciate any information given on this.

Thanks alot.


  • KazanukariKazanukari Member Posts: 74

    no, the patches are downloaded when u click patch when u select a server and it will patch auto

  • Blue3000Blue3000 Member Posts: 238
    Thanks, finally got in.
  • KazanukariKazanukari Member Posts: 74

    Originally posted by ****3000
    Thanks, finally got in.

    glad to hear it

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