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Minorities in Gaming - Theorizing Representation As Revolutionary - Som Pourfarzaneh at



  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 10,352
    klash2def said:
    I'm gonna post all my thoughts in long form and then I'm done with this forever. 

    No need man. You made your point. Those who you would be posting for get your point whether it's acknowledged or not.

    Well done.
  • klash2defklash2def Member EpicPosts: 1,820
    klash2def said:
    I'm gonna post all my thoughts in long form and then I'm done with this forever. 

    Otherwise known as " NAH NAH NAH NAH. I CAN'T HEAR YOU ANYMORE"

    otherwise known as im about to shut you up. 
    "Everything that happens is a political act, and the only people that get to pretend otherwise are those privileged enough to not have politics impact them at all." ~Taliesin

    "What does it mean to be human? In a time when people's humanity is perennially called into question?"
    - Dr. Cornell West

    "Being “colorblind” is not the solution to racism. See people fully. Love people deeply"
    -Bernice King

    "Putting a woman, a person of color, a queer character, a disabled character (in games) isn't some agenda, it's making games that reflect the world we live in." 
    Currently: Games Audio Engineer, yes you've heard what I've heard

  • TwoThreeFourTwoThreeFour Member UncommonPosts: 2,155
    klash2def said:

    klash2def said:
    The latest call of duty game.. play the campaign mode.. when you get ready to make your character you can choose from GET THIS.. 20 DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF CAUCASIAN MALES/FEMALES. Not one single minority choice and in the multiplayer mode, where the class is your character for instance if you want to play with the sneaky assassin class, you will always play as the chick with the hood and bow.

    Well in this same mode there is ONE black dude that is the tank/gunner class and ONE asian woman which is a hunter type of class.. this is MULTIPLAYER  mode which felt like it was tacked on last second.  There are 9 classes and two are represented by minorities. 

    The meat of the game which is the campaign feats 20 diff WHITE MALES/Females to choose from at character creation.. no other race. Its insane.  This is the issue. I didn't make these games, how am I the racist one ? Im pointing out what is clearly there. 

    Were you able to create liberals, conservatives, liberterian? Pierced character? Emo ones? Goth ones? Naruto fans ones? Tatoo artist one? Make-up artist one? Singer one? Upper class? French? Italians? Swedish? Turks? Germans? Contact lenses one? Glasses one?  Babies? 70 year old ones? Obese? Anorexic? Cancer-inflicted?

    Why is it so important to represent a minority in regards to "race" when there are so many other traits in which minorities and majorities are not being represented?
    This is amazing wow.. so let's recap. TO YOU Asian, Black and Latino is the same as being Emo, Goth or Liberal?  Amazing. 

    You know damn well what this is about stop trying to deflect. Holy shit. 

    Let me break it down for you because I can tell you think you are smart by posting this.. maybe you haven't heard but ALL OF THESE COUNTRIES HAVE PEOPLE OF LATINO, AFRICAN  AND ASIAN DESCENT!

    Swedish (Sweden), Turk (Turkey), German (Germany), Italians(Italy), French (France)

    Although mostly you only see and hear about people who would be considered (Caucasian) by western standards in these countries you listed,  they are all still represented in video games more than their minority counterparts. nothing you said here proved anything.

    There is a huge difference between RACE, and all that other bullshit you threw in there to deflect. REALLY? What the fuck does being liberal or conservative have to do with racial equality in video games? 

    Why is racial equality important? Because people like you think it's NOT important. 

    PS (Not once have a called any of you racist but all you people who are calling ME racist for pointing this stuff out need to stop.. It's utter bullshit and sad that you aren't mature enough to discuss this shit without dropping that low. I did nothing racist and you must not know what racism actually is if you think I did something racist. Have a seat.)
    Asian is not a race, neither is black and neither is Latino. They aren't even ethnicities. They are though categories, that far I can agree.

    As I've stated previously in this thread, I very much want equality between races in the context of the law. I do not believe one's race is something that one should consider at all in the eyes in the law, it should be irrelevant in those eyes. 

    When it comes to representation, that's an entirely different discussion. What makes it more important for a certain group to be represented? How large the group is? How much its living members has suffered? How much members of the group have suffered from a historical perspective?

    To me, knowing your race or ethnicity is as important as knowing what icecream you like to eat. I won't treat you any different based on your specific traits in any of those cases. 
  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Member LegendaryPosts: 13,489
    klash2def said:
    klash2def said:
    I'm gonna post all my thoughts in long form and then I'm done with this forever. 

    Otherwise known as " NAH NAH NAH NAH. I CAN'T HEAR YOU ANYMORE"

    otherwise known as im about to shut you up. 

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  • unfilteredJWunfilteredJW Member UncommonPosts: 330

    Iselin said:

    Iselin said:

    Good article Som. It amazes me how many people don't get the simple fact that Western society is a white hetero male society (non-white regions of the world are very much the same minus the white part)  and have a hard time understanding why those who don't fit within that demographic feel the need to lobby for change.

    "...when a member from a minority group is required to speak out against their marginalization, and is subsequently told that they’re being overly sensitive or out of line."

    And our esteemed forum members in typical internet trollish fashion are quick to throw out "SJW" in a derogatory manner ... as if working toward social justice were a bad thing, lol)


    Yes, diversity is wonderful unless it's diversity of thought.  Then it is trollish.  LOL indeed.

    So you're saying working toward social justice is something to be mocked and laughed at, or at the very least not mentioned in polite gaming discussions? I don't understand your thought process. Maybe something other than this...

    Slapshot1188 said:

    Kiyoris said:

    Can we please keep SJW agenda driven articles out of MMORPG.

    Could not agree more.

    ... might help clarify it.

    Unless you're just saying this is your happy ostrich hidey-hole and you don't want real world issues mentioned... is that it?

    If so I guess you must be sick and tired of the guy you agreed with and his constant "censorship" gripe threads.

    We're saying it doesn't matter. It's a created issue, designed to dupe people out of money.

    And, well, it works. Kinda like tithing.

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  • whisperwyndwhisperwynd Member UncommonPosts: 1,668
    And this is why certain topics aren't for certain forums....SMH. 

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