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Looking for a new MMORPG to play from India

fristiacfristiac Member UncommonPosts: 2
edited December 2015 in LFGame
I need a new MMORPG, and am having trouble finding one, mostly due to my list of requirements.

1) A server in either SEA or in australia. I stay in India and while I can play most MMORPG's for their PvE aspect, PvP is completely closed to me due to my latency in any NA/EU server. I also need it to be having no IP blocks, atleast for india, and should be english speaking. Note that japanese is ok, but english is still prefferable. Korean/Russian is a no go.

2) F2P/B2P; I cannot actually play the game and pay every month. This is not cause I cant afford it, but got no credit card. So, any B2P games that do NOT accept Paypal are no go as well. If I can definitely earn my monthly memebership playing like 1-2 hrs/day(as in Archeage), then I have no problems.

3) Not too much P2W : I am ok with P2Progress. I understand that there will be people much better than me. But please, make skill count a tiny bit, and let no lifing it make me as powerful as a Paying person. 6-8 hrs a day, that I can do.

4) Lots of things to do : Housing,farming,fishing I want it all. Only questing and killing monsters is boring. Puzzles, challenges are very much accepted. Let me use mine grey cells please. I played TERA and while most of it was perfect, man I could not for the life of me understand what to do when bored.

5) People around : I do not want a game where the global chat is dead at all times, and the most I see is someone doing some small work. I need a world that is alive, lots of people that troll, help, work, do stuff together etc.

6) Looks : Admittedly not really important, but then again, not Runescape man.

7) Controls : The controls should feel smooth and not laggy. I would love it if it was not click to move, but a WASD setup. Also, while I do not mind tab targetting games, TERA combat is heaven. Also, if there is a MMO game like C&C, Ill love that as well.

Games played before :
- Rift : Honestly, I liked this a lot, but then again, nothing to do but kill,kill.kill....Also, I was restricted by me having to buy souls so..

-Archeage : Despite lots of complaints about this game, I absolutely LOVE Archeage. Im playing it now, and probably will not stop unless a better MMORPG came along, or VR pulled me away from it(VR + MMORPG = Heaven). I like the economy, housing, the fact that I can fool around. The grind never bothered me, and I never thought it P2W. Sure, I had people with wayyyy more gear than me one hit me, but I get better too. The only problem for me is the PvP....300 ping. I play Archeage mainly for the PvE aspect of it, dungeons, bosses etc. When I need to PvP, DOTA is the way to go.

-Runescape : This sucked all my time before Archeage came along. Again this had the all I can do feel to it, but it's kinda hard to go back after Archeage , the moment , the graphics etc. Also, membership killed it for me as I finished all quests, and had nothing to SOLVE.

- TERA : I played this for around 2 weeks, and then the magic of the combat was over. The story did not want me to keep playing, and the only thing I knew I had to do was go around questing, and collecting on nodes...Still, combat was beautiful.

-GW2 : I bought it, played it for a day and gave up. I honestly dont know why, it just did not appeal to me.

What Im playing now :
-Archeage for PvE.
-DOTA 2 for PvP.

Thank you if you read the long post, and for any suggestions you may give.
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  • Testing2521995Testing2521995 Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited January 2016
    Try playing archeage on na servers.
    Check your ping here "http://soulofthedragons.com/archeage-server-test/" .I live in Orissa and the average the ping on NA is better.
    And lol seriously how can you take a sandbox game with some pve content as fun.Not that i can blame you , I can't leave AA too, even thou Levi eu server is a bore.

    And for a new game i'd say path of exile or planetside 2 or Clash of Clan...Yea the gamming market in india seems to be growing but its still not at that level.

    EDIT : YEAA TRY EVE ONLINE(muhahahaah),
    That's what archeage wanted to be before the Korean players wanted more content.(So I've heard).
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