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Help! Try something new...that's old

aethonmdaethonmd Member UncommonPosts: 2
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So, I'm not really sure where to post this (or even if this is allowed!), so feel free to correct me if I'm in the wrong! (I might even be on completely the wrong sort of forum...)

I play an MMORPG (although, it's not so massively multi-player at the moment...) called "MagicDuel". It's unlike any other game I've played before and is...very different in game style. It's image and chat based, but has so many different elements of depth to it it's amazing!

It's one of those games you need too experience to understand. :P

The game has been running since 2005 and used to have a huge amount of players (it used to be highly ranked in many of the MMORPG voting sites). Unfortunately, over the years less and less players have been coming on or joining -- you need to realise that this game is such a close community. Everyone knows everyone, even if they may not have spoken to you in person. I believe the reason of this is due to the game owner's personal issues in RL and that the advertising has..."lessened", shall we say?

So, I'm looking to get some new players interested and playing! It's definitely worth trying out (it's browser based as well! So no need to download anything!). 

If you like researching, "grinding" numbers and skills, being part of a community or just want to try out something new, then please follow one of the links below I'm providing! (I'll be giving my reference link -- it rewards both parties for players that join and reach a certain level -- but I'm not sure if that's allowed...so I'll provide the original web address as well!)

Hopefully this is allowed here, as it seems to be a good place to discuss games and well...all I'm trying to do is get people interested in a game I think is great! :)

Anyways, look forward to seeing you in game perhaps! (My name in game is 'Aethon', so feel free to shout a hello to me or ask for help if you see me!)

Again, sorry if this isn't allowed or is in the wrong section! :(

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,852
    I lasted 5 minutes.
    It is basically a MUD,i can't handle that sorry. 

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