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What will be transported on caravans?

LedrirLedrir Member UncommonPosts: 69
I am confused about the need for caravans.  I think the idea of caravans is awesome and adds to the strategic possibilities and choices to be made in the game.  I do understand the need to transport materials for building structures.  It would stand to reason that those materials would be heavy and you would need lots of them. 

However, I have also seen where Mark said there would be a need for crafters to transport swords and armor and other crafter items to the battle front.  This has me confused.  I will use DAoC as a reference because it is all I have to work with.  In DAoC your gear would last a very long time and you would not go to pvp areas without already having your equipment on.  So I am wondering why player equipment would be needed to be sent to the battle front.

One theory I have is based on something Mark said about wanting death to matter.  One thing that could make death matter is to have your equipment suffer damage when you die.  In DAoC your equipment started with a condition rating of 100 and this value would slowly drop over time as you used the item.  In the case of CU maybe they intend to have the condition of your equipment drop even faster than it did in DAoC.  If the condition deteriorated based on use but also from dying this would accelerate the need to repair your equipment and ultimately replace the equipment.

Another theory I have is what if they intend for crafters to have to use crafted items to actually repair your damaged equipment?  Lets say the condition of your chestplate has deteriorated to a rating of 95 and you want to repair it.  What if the crafter had to make a basic chestplate to be used in the repair?  This would explain why large numbers of armor and swords would have to be transported to the battle front because they are needed for doing repairs of the armor you are wearing.  This would also create a never ending demand for the crafters to make things which is important to keep the crafters from running out of work to do.


  • JamesGoblinJamesGoblin Member RarePosts: 1,242
    Speaking of item decay on death, there will be none - items will be losing durability on use and damage taken.

    IIRC there will also be Realm caravans (with set routes, ran by NPCs?) that you can escort or participate in, and I guess siege engines will require caravans for transport!?

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