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One Stop Community Shop! Lethality Gaming is Recruiting!

DaphonicDaphonic Member UncommonPosts: 41

One Stop Community Shop! Lethality Gaming is Recruiting!

Lethality Gaming is recruiting new Staff and Members for our Community. We are expanding from MMO’s to Server based games.. We’re going to host server based games now and are in need of Staff who wish to help run these servers, and contribute ideas and time to make sure these games stay updated and populated. Lethality is always open to any new Members regardless of age as long as they follow our Philosophy and wish to help maintain and grow the Lethality Family.

You can read about our Community Benefits on the below link.

About Us

Lethality Gaming is a mature gaming community with many long term and diverse members. We were formed on May 15th, 2003 on the Planetside launch. We’ve had a few name changes before settling on Lethality, but the membership has been strong and growing! We are comprised of members from all over the world.

Lethality is set up to be a Friendly Community to where everyone knows one another, and can maintain friends from game to game as we expand. As the Community grows larger and large we want to create a helpful atmosphere that doesn’t look down on people who ask questions. Our Goal is to maintain the same Members for years to come, and wish to see those members follow the community though MMO’s and Server based games for years to come.

If our Community seems like a great place for you, please visit our Website and forums as they are contain a wealth of information and are free to browse. Our TeamSpeak is also free to visit and see what games we are currently playing. Staff are always around  and willing to answer any questions in TeamSpeak or on the Website’s forums or chat. We hope you will come take a look, and please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself in the Member Introduction Forum. Let us know a bit about yourself, and what games you are interested in or currently playing.

We hope to see you there!

Social Media

Games List

  • ARK: Survival Evolved

    • Community Hosted Server with PvE Settings. Valhalla Map with 20 Mods.

    • Last reset on 12/23/2015

  • Hurtworld - Hosted PvP Server

    • Community Hosted Alpha Server with PvP Settings.

    • Last reset on 12/23/2015

  • Minecraft

    • FTB Server (Future)

    • 1.9 Server (Future)

  • Crowfall (Alpha)

  • Albion Online (Beta)

  • Star Citizen (Alpha)

  • The Division (March 2016 for PC)

  • Camelot Unchained (Future)

We also host TeamSpeak rooms for games that do not have Official Guilds or Clans attached to them. Games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Diablo 3 have channels that players can use to play those games with fellow Community Members.



Our Members are required to respect everyone. This includes all individuals Nationality, Religion, Sex, Sexual Preference, and Political Beliefs. Respect should also be given to Lethality’s Name, Motto, Goals, and the Community as a whole.


Our Community only accepts Mature individuals. Members who use crass and or derogatory remarks, create discussions about Drugs, Religion, Politics, or create a general Toxic atmosphere that makes it uncomfortable for those around are not welcome.


Our Community strives to help others, as such, we should never be seen Trolling anyone in-game our out of game. Trolling also falls under usernames and avatars, anything that can be seen as trolling is strictly prohibited.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in game or on our forums.


  • DaphonicDaphonic Member UncommonPosts: 41
    Wanted to Add we have over 20+ people who did Kick Starter for this game. I myself have done the $250 package for our Community. If you have any questions feel free to ask away.

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