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is DBG's silence a good thing or a bad thing?



  • Daffid011Daffid011 Member UncommonPosts: 7,945
    edited December 2015
    If you watched Evercracked.

    You would notice lots of similarities between the production of EQ and the production of EQNext. 

    1) Devs primarily Rosie Rappaport (she was art director back then) didn't think the game would ever ship. Staff people starting calling it "Neverquest". Smedley on the other hand, knew the game would ship (It was due to the workload the devs were experiencing)

    2)It was a HUGE gamble at the time. Similar to what Next is. 

    3)Devs didn't think it would succeed or not.

    4)There were heated arguments about the concepts of the original Everquest. Would they pursue a DnD license or would they make their own game. DnD being popular at the time and the granddaddy of rpgs.

    5)"Hit the reset button" was in the devs minds during the making of the game.

    The key difference is at this point SOE was the most experienced MMO development company in the world.  Working on more titles, IPs, projects than anyone else.  Having doubts about the viability of an mmo 15 years ago was fine, because SOE was blazing new ground and there was no prior example to use as an estimate of how Everquest would turn out. 

    The current team having doubts about the games viability isn't some sort of positive as you are putting it.

    You are right about EQNext being a gamble.  How do you think that gamble turned out for SOE?
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  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer Member EpicPosts: 8,735
    If this game goes anywhere, its going to have to go back to the drawing board 1st.

  • Cybersig211Cybersig211 Member UncommonPosts: 128
    edited December 2015

    Its a bad thing.  Silence has never been met with overwhelming success with mmorpgs, its always the exact opposite.

    Silence means two things, one or both.  They are out of money, they cant keep staffed a dedicated media employee to keep the game in the lime light while they work on it.  And/or they keep running into issues with developing (be it all their staff who knew the code left, which they did or they cant get the game to do what they want in the time frame they need)

    What silence is, its them completely losing all the hype gains they had when landmark came out.  The game is quickly fading into bad public spaces on the internet.  DB had a lot to prove taking over a massive project without the endless pockets of sony to keep the advertising, be it viral, flowing.

    So I see two things here.  Lack of funds to properly promote the game and/or nothing of value or significant to report.  Both are bad signs.

    Mind you no one else is making a large budget mmorpg anymore (traditional mmorpg the ones that are actually RPG games) those who did in the last generation all failed by just about every measurement for their cost to produce.  I see the release of SOE into DB as sony going "look everyone else had huge budget mmorpgs and none of them were the big cash cows they had hoped, EQN and H1Z1 are both build on established and fading trends, lets cut our losses now before we embarrass our selves.  Mind you Everquest wasn't a small IP, they ditched the entire future of that IP which is a big sign that mmorpgs are not going very far moving forward.

    Part of me thinks the magic touch would have been to incorporate "mine craft" into "world of Warcraft" which I had always assumed EQN was going to be, not sure if that's possible unless they really are almost done, near broke, and sitting on a soon to be classic mmorpg. 

    Simply put, if anything positive was happening we all would be hearing about it.  Doesn't cost anything for a lead dev (in lieu of a proper employee to do this) could easily go onto reddit, here, their forums, anywhere and just spill all the goodness they are working on, how close to complete they are, or how great the game is turning out.  Stuff like that gets people excited who work on it...I don't see any of you?  I can remember even the games that failed had excitement from within about their work.  This game has none of that, and DB doesn't have a track record where they can do this, get away with it, and the game still be hyped.

  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko Member EpicPosts: 6,896
    I suspect DBG are keeping absolutely quiet about EQN so that the hope and hype can die quietly of its own accord.

    That way, nobody will raise as much as an eyebrow when they finally announce its cancellation a year from now...
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