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  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,030
    Yes it leads only to that picture no luck  :3
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  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,030
    edited December 2015
    The issue was with imageshack. Now you have to pay a subscription if you want your images to be displayed from their site.
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  • OrtwigOrtwig Member UncommonPosts: 1,163
    edited December 2015
    I really miss having the forum name listed in its own column in the Recent Discussions list.  It's just very hard to scan now as part of the thread title -- it's better to be able to see all together in one column which game or forum the thread is in.  Also the dark blue is hard to read.  Any chance of going back to the old link color (the orangey one used on the home page)?

    Just as a side note, I'm visiting the site a lot less with the new scheme.  It's just hard to read the discussions.  Love all the new editing features, just need better readability and easier scanning.
  • Quazal.AQuazal.A Member UncommonPosts: 859
    edited December 2015
    Scratch that found the magic star
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    This post is all my opinion, but I welcome debate on anything i have put, however, personal slander / name calling belongs in game where of course you're welcome to call me names im often found lounging about in EvE online.
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  • MirandelMirandel Member UncommonPosts: 143
    Since yesterday I am getting 2 identical mails with Daily Digest every evening. Would not mind to turn one copy down. How can I do it?

  • sxs79sxs79 Member CommonPosts: 1
  • MOG85340MOG85340 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    MikeB said:
    Hey everyone.

    New forums are live (duh!). Please post any issues or bugs you find here!

  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 15,672

    Is there any way of changing the view that is clearly designed for smartphones? For those who use the site on a bigger screen this is pointless.

    And it does not effect all forums, this thread for example has a large gap on the right hand side, but is not too bad. On the recent Most Anticipated Poll the sentences are wrapping after about 3 inches.

  • waynejr2waynejr2 Member EpicPosts: 7,768
    forum links that don't link to forums.  You can see forum links for games in our favorite game list that go to an error page.  There are also the game pages with the same link problems.   It would be much more user friendly to have a forum link only when applicable.  

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  • goboygogoboygo Member RarePosts: 2,141

    Link to games main page.  Why don't the forum posts for a particular game have a link that goes to that games main into page on this site.  The old forums did, I used it all the time to jump to a games main page from the games forums.

  • LeiloniLeiloni Member RarePosts: 1,262
    Can we get a choice to toggle a lighter theme on these forums? Just a standard white background with black letters. This dark grey with white letters is very hard to read and hard on the eyes.
  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
    edited December 2015
    On the main forum page, there is a section called Miscellaneous. It has several sub-forums listed.

    The link to the most recent post in the Miscellaneous section, goes to a thread that is not displayed in any of the forums listed under the Miscellaneous section.

    If you go to the OP's Discussion listing it lists the thread as being in the Miscellaneous forum. The link provided leads to the page that lists the appropriate sub-forums. There is no miscellaneous forum on that page. I have not been able to find a miscellaneous forum.
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  • songofdeath1songofdeath1 Member UncommonPosts: 21
    :p @MikeB ;I've posted 4 comments with namedrops and changed my avatar, still can't get 15 points, and I don't know how to get it
  • GyrusGyrus Member UncommonPosts: 2,413
    edited January 2016
    My Suggestion:

    1/ Get rid of "System" for a start
    This automated posting system you have is rubbish.
    It goes back through old articles - necros them - and posts them as new.
    Here's one linking to a competition from 2011

    2/ In the news page GameName first! : GameName (or Gamedev) | Article title | Date.

    3/ Improve the standard of your journalism.
    Sorry, but along with the auto generated trash from 'system' some of the articles you are posting now are just trash.
    If you do that, and continue to do that, what sets you apart from any number of poorly edited blogs?

    Gamers aren't stupid.
    Some of us have memories and do remember what we have seen and read before.  You post an article or review from last year (or another site) and some of us will remember it. 
    The end result is it leaves you looking bad (in our minds) and we come here less often.
    Game devs aren't stupid either.
    You post unreliable stuff here and they don't want to talk to you either. 
    They wont talk to you and you can't post 'scoops' and we come here less often.
    The end result is you lose readers... and advertisers... and become just another poorly edited blog.

    The only thing you have which can set you apart from every other citizen journalist out there is YOUR standards.
    Forum goers will always be hysterical trolls who make shit up.... but who is

    If can maintain a reputation as THE go-to site for reliable up to date information then we will come here.  If MMORPG said it... it must be true!?  That is the only thing that can set you apart.

    Edit: Please focus on quality - not quantity.
    I would rather read one or two well produced and informative real news stories each day than have to trawl through three dozen auto generated click bait stories with sensational headlines that actually mean nothing.

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    Nothing says irony like spelling ideot wrong.

  • WarlyxWarlyx Member RarePosts: 3,115
    edited January 2016
    fixed  itself....:confused: oh well
  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,548
    I've been noticing when a new thread is created, the first post has some facebook like button but it's placed very badly.

    It's shown under the "Flag", "Quote" etc buttons.

  • Jean-Luc_PicardJean-Luc_Picard Member LegendaryPosts: 8,900
    Request: make the ignore feature more efficient.

    Two problems:
    1) ignored people still use room in threads which are very noticeable and annoying. Even when ignored, the usual suspects can still spam threads, even if only with empty posts.
    2) you can still what they post in threads they start.
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  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 15,919
    edited January 2016
    Some threads in the "recent discussions" tracker are being tagged with the wrong time sinking them down into the 4th or 5th page despite having had recent posts.

    I noticed it with the latest Star Citizen thread. The last post on the thread is mine form 2:47 PM (PST) and is correct when you look at the post inside the thread but the recent discussions list and the time on the SC forum list both show it as 7:41 AM (PST) instead.

    ... and since everything to do with SC is shrouded in conspiracy theories, maybe you did it on purpose? :)

    Edit: just happened again. Someone else posted on the same thread several hours later and his post time on the SC forums list and recent discussion tracker are also 7:41 AM... it's a time warp I tell ya!
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  • LyikosLyikos Member UncommonPosts: 52
    edited January 2016
    I have 55 points and my account is 8 years old yet I can't create threads. I have a message in my inbox of being promoted to uncommon by my account still says common, what gives?

    EDIT: Never mind, it kicked in, I guess I had to post something as I've been gone a while.
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  • PievorPievor Member UncommonPosts: 3
    No way, @MikeB from planetarion?? Not really a bug, just a question I guess. :D
  • MikeBMikeB Community ManagerAdministrator RarePosts: 6,559
    Pievor said:
    No way, @MikeB from planetarion?? Not really a bug, just a question I guess. :D

    Michael "MikeB" Bitton
    Community Manager
    Twitter: @eMikeB

  • 2kroyalrumble2kroyalrumble Member CommonPosts: 4
    We're doing some work with Vanilla to get the comments and stuff working right there. Should be fixed in the next day or two.
  • PievorPievor Member UncommonPosts: 3
    Oh well, you have a namesake out there somewhere :P nice site you have tho, keep up the good work.
  • MeddleMeddle Administrator UncommonPosts: 758
    We're doing some work with Vanilla to get the comments and stuff working right there. Should be fixed in the next day or two.
    The code fixes go up tomorrow.  The quoting and @username tagging should be fixed up in the article and news comments.  /fingerscrossed

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

  • adecoy95adecoy95 Member UncommonPosts: 14

    AD2460 game does not seem to have a forum.


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