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Warframe - How did this game improve so much?

pingopingo Member UncommonPosts: 608
I remember playing the Warframe beta years ago thinking it was pretty and the combat system was cool. What a shame that it was confusing, the UI was a mess and there was little point to it.

But coming back to it now, it doesn't look like the same game from years ago. I'm shocked. I had no idea it had space combat. The Second Dream update they made introduced some really good actual story. what. in the hell. It's also played by a lot of people on Steam. 

I cant think of many games that improved and expanded that much. It's really quite incredible. The game is fast, tight and feels like a co-op version of Metal Gear Rising. 


  • VindicarVindicar Member UncommonPosts: 138
    I found it very refreshing it too.
    Gorgeous looks, fast-paced coop RTS action.
    Real F2P, cash-shop is just a "speeder".

    If looking for something to "take a break" from your MMO routine, this is one.

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