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Devilian MMOARPG Open Beta Awesomness!



  • stio89stio89 Member UncommonPosts: 85
    edited December 2015
    I tried it in closed beta its pretty generic (fetch quest after fetch quest) and it hasn't even been out a month and they have already started with those greedy cash shop rng lockboxs with time limited exclusive mounts.

    No Thanks, Pass.
  • SephirosoSephiroso Member RarePosts: 2,019
    breadm1x said:
    Your streaming ?
    Yea and i am doing my gf in the kichen wearing a hat, who cares.

    Game is fun btw. you hit 52 in 14 hours and then pvp all day.
    Gonna get boring fast, but hey its 2015 this wat the peeps want get to max level play 2 weeks and quit :pleased:

    Made a new char gonna see if i can get my devilian higher then my normal char :P
    (was actually trying to find dm kano to murder him but cant find him :( )
    i KNOW your HIDING again kanooo....
    I would care that you're doing your gf in the kitchen wearing a hat, if you were streaming it that is.

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