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(H) Hyjul New 2day Semi-Hardcore Raiding/Pvp guild that is organized and stands out.

VicusEQVicusEQ Member UncommonPosts: 100
If you are looking to come back to wow to experience the current expansion and push into Legion...this is the guild for you.

Victoria Aut Morte is a Horde Semi-Hardcore Raiding/PVP Guild on the Hyjal Server. What is Semi-Hardcore? Semi-Hardcore is for people who have daily activities that limit their playtime so when you are able to play you want to use your time wisely and progress through content with skilled like-minded players.

Victoria Aut Morte is a two day raiding guild (Monday/Thursday 8pm-11pm PST) (11pm-2am EST) Raid times were selected to ensure members could still enjoy their weekends outside of WoW.

Victoria Aut Morte also participates in Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas. RBGs will take place on Fridays from 9:30pm server (PST) until we have sated our hunger for the blood of our enemies, which usually take 3-4 hours.

Victoria Aut Morte was formed by existing and returning members who are looking forward to the launch of Legion but want to complete the current raiding content before Legion’s launch. Many of our members have completed Heroic HFC but due WoW losing subs, guilds disbanding, and length until legion release…have found ourselves homeless. Because of this, Victoria Aut Morte is devoted to maintaining organization and quality over quantity via recruitment. Members will be wanted and needed. We are not the type of guild that recruits 6 of the current FOTM class just because it makes content a little easier. Raiding slots will be strictly planned out for diversity and raid success.

Our expectations are 100% raid attendance. We are seeking players who have WoW as their hobby. We want members that look forward Raiding and can’t wait to get into raids. If you are constantly making plans that will conflict with raid times this is not the guild for you. We fully understand that real life happens and things come up like being sick, holidays, special family events ect. but this can’t be common reoccurring issues. Raiding is our first priority and performance will be the basis for our selection, but once you make the team, we are confident you will make long term friends and family.

Victoria Aut Morte is led by an experienced core of officers that have substantial raiding and leadership experience.

Mature and drama free. Raid performance does not give anyone a license to be a jerk. The primary goal is to be in Heroic/Mythic HFC Content prior to Legion launch. We will be pushing Normal HFC for a few weeks to familiarize members with the content and gear for Heroic. From there clearing Heroic as a guild prior to the next major update (expected in Feb).

Currently we do not have a gear score requirement. Gear is easy to come by in WoW but skilled players are much more rare. If you meet the requirements listed above and are like-minded, now is your chance to get into an organized and upcoming Raiding/PvP guild.
Must be able to communicate using TeamSpeak.
Willingness to maximize your characters potential.

Website application and Teamspeak interview is required before an invitation is sent.
Please visit our website for more information at

If interested please contact Savin (Savin#1219), Soda Turtles (Nitri), or Trexon(Vicus#1635) in game or on TeamSpeak (server info available if you message us via our website or in game) or post an application on our website.

Pally Tank


  • VicusEQVicusEQ Member UncommonPosts: 100
    edited December 2015
    **Update** For raiding only we are currently full on healers and tanks (we could use a dps who wouldn't mind offspecing tank). We are currently seeking the following classes/specs:

    Plate DPS (Ret Pally)
    Cloth DPS (Shadow Priest only)

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  • VicusEQVicusEQ Member UncommonPosts: 100
    Updated our recruitment with current needs. We have a very healthy raiding team currently and looking for skilled players that can fill the final spots.  Contacted one of us in game or post an application on our website. 
  • VicusEQVicusEQ Member UncommonPosts: 100
    edited December 2015
    Down to two spots left:

    Ret Pally and Shadow Priest.  Message me in-game if you are interested.  Currently we have 100% raid attendance from all our members.  Like I stated, we are well organized and are only looking for people who are looking for a long-term home.  All of our members are of the same mentality.  If you are interested in our final two spots go to our wesbite and post an app or find me in-game.

  • VicusEQVicusEQ Member UncommonPosts: 100
    [u][b]**Update**[/b] [/u] For raiding only we are currently full on healers and tanks (we could use a dps who wouldn't mind offspecing tank).  We are currently seeking the following classes/specs:

    [i]Plate DPS (Closed)
    Chain DPS (Hunter)
    Leather DPS (Boomkin)
    Cloth DPS (Shadow Priest /Warlock)[/i]
  • VicusEQVicusEQ Member UncommonPosts: 100

    Well we have had our first raid week.  Downed every boss we stepped in front of  (Monday 6...server reset...Thursday 7 speed progress).  We are going to start to flow and be clearing HFC in our two days very soon.  If you want in on this awesome guild that is having a blast together you only have two classes to pick from so scoop them up fast.

    Mage (Frost or arcane)
    Shadow Priest.

    Thats it, everything else we have filled with good peeps.

    Message me in game or go post an app on our website.
  • VicusEQVicusEQ Member UncommonPosts: 100
    **Update** We are currently looking for a Holy Priest (raid heals) with a Disc off spec that is skilled for our heal team. (we currently have a Holy pally, Disc priest, and Holy Pally).

    If you are looking to join a organized and skilled guild that is getting ready to tackle Heroic HFC (just started raiding last week and almost done with with Normal HFC) then this is the guild for you. A holy priest will punctuate our skilled healing team.

  • VicusEQVicusEQ Member UncommonPosts: 100
    edited December 2015
    Currently we are closed recruitment raiding, please check our website for updated available spots in the future.
    (possible shadow priest position available, message me if skilled and interested in the guild).

    Our PVP team is still looking for skilled players.  Rated BG's start at 9:30 PST on Friday.  Please message one of us if interested in these spots.  Our PVP team is extremely active during other times of the week as well.
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