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Separating yourself from the rest...



  • kenpokillerkenpokiller Member UncommonPosts: 321
    Vardahoth said:
    Vardahoth said:

    TBH, I guess what people are saying is there isn't a non-WoW crowd big enough for companies to want to invest developing an mmorpg. So since they all took the WoW-Clone route, they basically keep re-inventing the wheel. Then you have people from a different niche (such as you and me) who shed a tear at what mmorpg's has become today.

    Your reasoning is flawed.

    "there isn't a non-WoW crowd big enough for companies to want to invest developing an mmorpg" .. true.

    "So since they all took the WoW-Clone route" .. this is not true. They don't make wow clone anymore. They make MOBAs, shooters, instanced pvp, and other online games.

    Don't make non-wow mmorpg does not equate making wow-clones. There are a lot of other types of MMOs (and online games) to consider.

    Shooters != MMORPG
    Instanced pvp = WoW
    Other Online games (not a wow-clone) != mmorpg (if you want to go back to what mmorpg means I will point the wiki for you)

    So your reasoning is flawed.

    For me, there are only 3 mmorpg's that comes to mind that isn't a WoW-Clone:
    • ESO, but even that game is all solo-play (with instance group dungeons = WoW), so I question the MMORPG of it. Also, no open-world pvp? Only Instanced pvp? hmmm familiar. And lets dummy it down further by only giving 5 hotbar skills. Next we'll release it with hordes of game-breaking bugs and take years and years to fix them while creating more content that keeps breaking the game more.
    • Eve - I don't consider this an mmorpg, it's more like an mmo-scifi or an mmorts. No character, no fantasy/medieval feeling to the game. No level ups. So forth...
    • Then there is darkfall - about the only game I would consider playing today if it wasn't so clunky and felt like I was a blind man swinging a sword trying to hit a pinata (the hit boxes where the characters were once were) with a bunch of naked men chasing you trying to kill you for loot. Then you want to go on a vacation for a week, and you come back and your skills you have leveled have all de-leveled a few months worth. Yes all that few months you put into leveling up your skills is now for nothing because you took a week off. On top of it, to use skills it cost items (instead of mp) for every use that you only get by killing monsters, so if all you are is a mage, you screwed yourself over.

    So let me give you my checklist of WoW, and tell me an mmorpg game that is not like this:
    • Rush to max level within a week (by yourself, not needing any groups)
    • Pay to get max level
    • No open-world pvp where you can pvp anyone (with a flagging/pk system) where the only safezones are towns, and they are at least an hour running time apart
    • Instanced dungeons and pvp (battle grounds)
    • Binded equipment (can't trade or resell)
    • Raidbosses done with less than 50 people
    • End game raidbosses take less than 10 minutes to kill
    • Factions
    • Skill Tree's
    • Lack of race diversity and starter towns
    • No death penalties
    • No journey quests to go through to upgrade your class
    • Open-World is instead seperated by state zones
    • Lack of massive siege battles where players form together and create their own guilds to win the castle/fort/camp/whatever for taxes and bonuses.
    • Lack of player run community game, meaning each player has their own story (involving and affecting other good/bad players) and is not the hero of blankity who does the exact same quests as every player in the game for that class/race.
    So as the wow-clones all came out with the things above, they progressively got worse and added:
    • No class diversity (everyone can solo now so why have them?)
    • Mommy Caps (gain this much currency, quests, instance runs this many times per week)
    • Cash shops (No need to work for anything anymore, just open your wallet and buy the next released pixel weapon)
    • Releasing games before they are finished forcing the customers to be their QA department and pay for this.
    Feel free to tell me some MMORPGs that are not like the above....

    Sway all day, butterfly flaps all the way!

  • MoiraeMoirae Member RarePosts: 3,318
    That's the same argument I've been making but I already know the answer... why should they? They are trying to appeal to the widest market possible because it's all about the money. The more players they can pull in, the more money they make. Trying to do something that is truly innovative and different may not lead to a big market and may in fact lead to a massive fail so they are scared to try it. This is what you get in a capitalist economy. It's all about the money. Until the players start leaving MMO's in droves, they won't bother trying anything that we all want because they don't need to. Instead, we will get little tidbits sometimes to make them a tiny change from the rest of the pack but everything else in the game will be exactly the same as every other game but with different graphics. 
  • nariusseldonnariusseldon Member EpicPosts: 27,775
    Moirae said:
     Until the players start leaving MMO's in droves, they won't bother trying anything that we all want because they don't need to. 
    hmm .. they tried MOBAs. They tried e-sports, instanced pvp games like WoT. They tried instanced pve games like Warframe. 

    They tried many things, just not your classical definition of MMORPGs. In fact, that is innovative. Why bother to adhere to the old MMORPG tropes when you can do something different?
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