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The Workshop Show #50 Feedback on builds, Patch info

NanfoodleNanfoodle Member EpicPosts: 7,723
edited October 2015 in EverQuest Next
Show starts 5 min in... some really cool builds.

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  • azarhalazarhal Member RarePosts: 1,346
    edited October 2015
    The Halas competition finally started! 

    Although, the best news was the devs posting in the forum to show some of the stuff coming to Landmark soon (also mentioned in the Workshop). You know some interactivity and openness. The new UI and camera mode looks awesome and should greatly help building stuff for both Landmarkians and EQNext devs. The pivot camera has interesting application for EQNext too, that means they have a whole framework that allow them to move the player viewport away form their body, allowing for farseeing spells and objects.

    The coolest thing though is the new stamp feature and that mean we are getting closer to everything being made of voxels which would be required for EQNext. Right now: rocks, plants, furniture and trees are mesh objects that stay there when you destroy the voxels around them...which looks very stupid.

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  • SyndromofaDownSyndromofaDown Member UncommonPosts: 325
    It's amazing how many assets DBG has created by using the community help build EQNext. They literally built the DE citadel already and many kerran outposts. Not to mention the ogre stuff and Takish buildings. The Qeynos is my favorite it brings me back to 1999. Ive seen someone do a build in a week's time. Which is the advantage of using voxels to create your world.There's literally no sacrifice of quality of appearance, many are done to scale of playspaces and fighting areas, and they are destructible. 

    I think a lot of people are like voxels, what a gimmick. Than when there favorite game starts using them they are like Woah destructible worlds! But i think voxels will play a huge part of the game. Multiple layers of the world are now open to be discovered and i think it leads to more exciting battles which is a step up to being an actual "virtual" world.
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