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Few questions about EQ now from an Old Vet.

Heffy424Heffy424 Member UncommonPosts: 524
Hello everyone I used to play EQ back in the Kunark days up until SoD I believe (Mostly until Omens I stopped truly for a break when dragons came out). However I'm here because im currently playing the EQ2 progression server and KoS didn't get voted  which is great but it reminded me about EQ1 and its TLE's what are the new servers up to? and what are the rule sets I think I remember one didn't allow boxing ? 

Now my second quesiton how is leveling in Live now? I have some old time character from back in the good old days I've been thinking of dustying off and playing maybe finish a few epic quests. Try and get into the new raid scene or just experience a new norrath. OH also any advice on a server that is Japan time zone friendly would be a big help. If I do decide to hope back into the game I'd go there first over others.



  • SyndromofaDownSyndromofaDown Member UncommonPosts: 325
    I don't play on the TLE servers at least not the new ones but i played on FIppy and people boxed all the time I think the best server to play on live is Bertox or Vox. Bertox being the most populous and Vox being the newest standard server. I can only tell you by experience that on Vox around the morning time pst there are about 350 players on to 700 players on at night on a friday or saturday. Escpecially now since the new expansion The Broken Mirror dropped we have people coming back who took breaks. Im guessing bertox has 1000 people on the server at any given time. But check out Vox, we have a raiding scene that consists of Pain and Glory and an upstart Absolute Ascension which is my guild. If you decide to play on Vox we'll gladly accept you into our guild. We're casual guild with raiding optional. Contact Nanobum or do a /who all 'Absolute ascension' and get in contact.

    Yeah its definitely a good time to check back into this game. The AA climb is NONEXISTENT. THey auto-grant you AAs up till level 95 if you are a gold member.  Ive seen people get up to 11750 AA for just hitting level 95. You'll be capped in no time maybe in 2 months if you play regularly maybe 2 hours a day every day. It took me 1 year to max my AAs but it was well worth it i had a great time farming AAs at my spot with my merc. I play Everquest 1 while i occasionally check out Everquest 2 so i kinda also like to play both games. The thing is i dont like to pay for both expansions when they come out so i picked Everquest as my main game. I'm trying to have a raid character in both games and i am in a raid guild in both games. Still working on  my character in EQ2 though.
  • Heffy424Heffy424 Member UncommonPosts: 524
    Thank you for the reply, thats crazy how low the populations have become but with them understandable. That many AAs for just 95 is crazy used to take me forever to get AA's and Vox you say i'll look into it I think i'm currently on the Rathe server at the moment.

  • LeerahLeerah Member UncommonPosts: 6
    We need to merge all the servers together. Better yet, we need a company who CARES about the community to buy us.
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