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To confusing

HyperpsycrowHyperpsycrow Member RarePosts: 779
I just installed this game again...and i dont know what happend since last time but i find this game very confusing and i dident know what to i unstalkled it cuz thats what i knew what to do..also i dont like the pointer system..this game is just  uuaawh !!


  • holdenhamletholdenhamlet Member EpicPosts: 3,766
    Are you OK?
  • KiyorisKiyoris Member RarePosts: 2,130
  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,653
    You could have just started a new character, that's a pretty easy thing to do, then go through the tutorial again and see how to play the game.
  • HyperpsycrowHyperpsycrow Member RarePosts: 779
    Nah..allready lost the interest..on the next fail mmoprg

  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,208
    Well to be fair the new endgame would have been way over your ability any way =P It is a downright mess. 

    This have been a good conversation

  • HyperpsycrowHyperpsycrow Member RarePosts: 779
    Ok Okama boy  :D

  • HyperpsycrowHyperpsycrow Member RarePosts: 779
    Are you OK?
    No im litterly insane

  • TokkenTokken Member RarePosts: 2,724
    confusing? seriously..... one of the easiest games I've played.  
    Make PvE GREAT Again!
  • HyperpsycrowHyperpsycrow Member RarePosts: 779
    Also i dislike MMorpg games that only has 4-5 skills to cast or you haft to shift skills for other builds or combos..I like pressing 1-9 and have lots of skill bars like vanilla wow had or like Rift..

    And dont get me started with the item shop.

    Thats is for me im out of this thread..thanks for care and share

  • ThebeastttThebeasttt Member RarePosts: 1,130
    Neverwinter is a complete train wreck. It's a miracle it's still standing but we'll see how long the life support lasts.
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