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Serrated - Maximizing the Crowfall Experience NA/EU/RU/Oc

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In the brave world ahead, diversity is the key to success.  As such Serrated will endeavor to provide a healthy mix of passionate PvP players as well as craftsmen and other professions.  Serrated will cater to gamers that have lives to live and will endeavor to keep the game play fun above everything else.   Our members should not feel obligated to play, as our goal is to make our members want to.

Serrated will allow players, recommended 17+, with a mature attitude.  Real world politics, discrimination, and content inappropriate for all sexes will be highly discouraged.


Serrated will be a place to meet new and old friends.  A place where you can have fun and still feel like you made a difference.

If interested in joining, please see the recruitment process (click here).




High Level Guild structure:


Serrated is broken down into 4 focused branches and a representative leadership council.  Members may choose to be in one or more of the branches.
Roles and Responcibilities:
The organizational structure will vary based on the size and demand.  However, the following principle roles show the basic layout.



Hardcore -vs- Casual: Serrated will adjust the size of player groups based on the ratio of casual to hardcore members.  This is a highly scalable approach which will be applied at every level from crafters to major generals.  Serrated is a hardcore guild that finds its strength in the size and diversity of its membership. We are very social, in it to win, and most of all to have fun.  All of the leadership will receive training in dealing with the different player types.  Learn more here.



Member Types: All, diversity is the key to success. There will be an especially strong need for many PvP players and crafters.


Target Size: Huge, but regulated to ensure compatibility.


Target Focus: Campaign and economic dominance.


Target Age: 17+ and mature, exceptions made on a case by case basis with parent approval.  For example, if a father wants to play with his kids.  The main point is that the guild will be composed of adults talking like adults and quite possibly about adult things at times.  Censoring will occur only when inappropriate content, for example discriminatory or inappropriate for all sexes.  We will not censor for younger ages, which is why there is a recommended age.


Member Geographic: US and Europe are in place... we are looking to expand to Russia and Oceanic regions for true 24/7 coverage.


Provided Guild Services:

The guild includes a state of the art Discourse forum and a GameVox voice server which can scale with its members, Slack for instant messaging and custom built web based services to fits the needs of the guild from highly experienced developers.  The services are built on the same network and hardware infrastructure as the Crowfall game.


Serrated invests in quality services to make the experience of Crowfall better and more enjoyable for all our members.


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    Gizmaul said:
    I like these guys:)
    Even though this is a good community, Giz likes most things XD


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    Gotta summon someone to put my sig in .... I SUMMON THE ALL MIGHTY @VladimirZsadist ! ..... didn't work oh well I call upon you @Gizmaul lol


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    I am looking for more warriors to join the Vlka Rafn Druti (Wolf Raven Division and VRD for short). We are the EU Division of the Watch for Serrated. Our plans are to dominate our region/timezone and coupled with the other arms of the Watch we will do this 24/7. The priority is to find good people willing to work and deal with honesty. The thought is it is much easier to train you to be a good warrior/commander than a good person. So regardless of your skill if you are a good person, willing to work, and want an honest relationship let me know and we will try and find a slot that works for both of us especially leaders in the CET time frame .


    Here are the current units...


    Mjolnir Brigade- TheGameChicken (BST)

    • Heavy Battalion-

    • Shock Battalion-

    • Support Battalion-

    Laevateinn Brigade- Rabb/Jaikon (BST)

    • Shock Battalion- Rabb (BST)

    • Ranged Battalion- Jaikon (BST)

    • Support Battalion-

    Gungnir Brigade (CET)-

    • Range Battalion-

    • Range Battalion-

    • Support Battalion-

    And if you have read to here please I am not going to bore you with more drivel so please click the sig if interested and take a closer look.


    Thank you... /bow.

  • AnaraionAnaraion Member UncommonPosts: 10

  • AnaraionAnaraion Member UncommonPosts: 10
    As always looking for exceptional players... :) !!

  • AnaraionAnaraion Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Still looking for exceptional players... esp EU ones :) !!

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