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Armored Warfare Review | Is It a World of Tanks Killer? | MMORPG



  • CreasianCreasian Member UncommonPosts: 112
    They fix almost everything that is WRONG and/or frustrating about WoT and people still complain? Arty is ineffective? I guess we're not playing the same game cause I'm having success in mine (m109). There's nothing different than WoT? How about class specific abilities and roles? How about shell selection that matters ALOT compare to WoT. How about Obsidian aren't greedy like Wargaming? How about, when you buy a tank you don't get a big POS that's a freakin pain the *ss to upgrade? Also, they were smart enough to seperate the highest alpha tanks from the highest DPM tanks, that is very smart on their part. Half of the comments here are obviously from people who didn't even try the game for real...If you don't like the game, FINE, don't spread bullshit though...
    Class specific abilities are worthless half the time, such as the LT. Most of the commander skills are bugged, especially the passive ones, since EA and never been fixed. The game is a mess and is becoming a cash grab whether you like it or not. You're in a m109, low tier. Everyone loads HEAT at this tiers for everything since about nothing has ERA, or modifiers to their armor that does jack. Get up in the tiers, something like tier 8, and come back and discuss. The game is a mess. They are not capable of handling the canvas they've painted and the jump to tier 9 and HOW it's being done shows just that.
  • PalaPala Member UncommonPosts: 316
    edited November 2015
    Never played arty in WOT higher then tier 4, but I quit the game when they nerfed arty bcs part of the challenge and the risk was removed. By nerfing arty WoT became boring and I never went back. Introduction of gold ammo for all and HP sponge gameplay contributed to game becoming an arcade grind. This sounds even worse, no thanks!
  • Einherjar25Einherjar25 Member UncommonPosts: 17
    Creasian said:
    The game is a mess. They are not capable of handling the canvas they've painted and the jump to tier 9 and HOW it's being done shows just that.
    Game balance and bug fixing can be achieve thru patching... It's true the class ability aren't super useful and you are right about arty, I didnt play pass tier 4. Ironically I use the light tank "E" ability all the time but not the scout one... I wasnt only talking about the E button when I said class specific abilities. If you think having super accuracy on the move isnt that usefull.... you're nuts :P Im not sure what you mean in your quote but I do find it weird they allow players to switch line just like that... I was playing the challenger line hoping the Chall2 would be way better then it's predecessor and if it is, I played crap tank for nothing because I could have played another line instead that is stronger LoL
  • OsiumOsium Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Just an update. The upcoming patch to the game should address a huge number of the "balance" issues mentioned by some people here. Basically what happened was, earlier in closed beta the American tanks were woeful. They received attention and huge HP buffs to compensate for their glaring weakspots. The models have since been fixed to some extent, but they kept their HP buffs. Other tanks in the MBT class still have their weakpoints. As of the 17th of Nov, the new patch should address some of these glaring issues. In addition, artillery in this game is not weak. It's much stonger than in WoT. The difference is that artillery in this game has less of the "bullsh#t" factor of WoT. By that I mean, you drive out of hardcover for half a second and either get randomly one shot by arty, or you get hit and every module destroyed, so you might as well have been one shot. In this game, artillery doesn't have that potential (it can still get lucky and cause an ammo rack on an already heavily damage ammo rack) but as I said in the review, it really is death by a thousand cuts. arty is more reactive in this game, more proactive, and far less RNG. I have a buddy that I play with, and he is averaging over his last 20 or 30 games with his tier 4 art pieces, over 2k damage per game. If you have put much time into the game, you will know that over 2k damage per game in tier 4 arty is pretty much insane-o hard carry status.
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