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Marvel Heroes 2015 AMA With Ryolnir And Lord!



  • 1337NITE1337NITE Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited October 2015
    What are your thought's on the near 0 attention pvp gets, even as far as to not get any patch notes even to give and update on the modifiers for the newest hero added. it's been 2 weeks since kitty has been released yet we are left in the dark. 

    left in the dark is actually a perfect description of how the pvp community is treated. 2 years of beta for Fire and Ice mode, 0 communication outside of the what seems to be lucky chance that we do get pvp patch notes.

    please give us some glimmer of changes both for how pvp is being looked at and communication with the quickly dwindling pvp community.

    pvp desperately needs a pvp training room, communication from the devs, and if we have to keep the current map and queuing system... some form of proper matchmaking.
  • BruddaJokkaBruddaJokka Member CommonPosts: 2
    What's going to be done to address the lack of content issue in the future? Right now it's pretty much killing the game. 

    What's the reason beyond the whole no AVP3? AVP3 is going to be three packs instead of one idea? Personally I don't know if I'll keep playing if there isn't an AVP3. It's too good a deal to not have in place and I don't want to feel like I'm being nickel and dimed. 

    What's the reasoning behind having two votes but having the same characters be on the vote? Seems kind of pointless to do that when those characters already lost. 

    Why didn't you just make Magick the twelfth character for the AVP2 and have the first vote be the first character that would come out from AVP3? 

  • GazLordGazLord Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 28
    Are there any plans to rework the white 90's Storm costume? (dear god say yes!)

  • ClexxerClexxer Member CommonPosts: 1
    Soooooo are we ever gonna get a Colossus Battle of Atom enhanced costume? Or the new Inferno one....specifically, we ever gonna get a costume with Colossus using the Soulsword with animations for it?
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54

    labuha said:
    When is the Red Axis Raid going to be released?
    When it's ready. (trollface)

    No, but really. When we feel that hero damage and survivability is closer. We're definitely much much closer than we were before. We know it's not going to be perfect, but we are getting to a point where it makes sense to release a new piece of very difficult group content without having to worry about 50% or more of the roster.
  • OverpoweredAbraOverpoweredAbra Member CommonPosts: 2
    GazLord said:
    Are there any plans to rework the white 90's Storm costume? (dear god say yes!)

    Yes to which part, the god part or update part ;-)
  • resivkresivk Member UncommonPosts: 28
    Any chance you guys can do a full pass on Loot Tables? Some things are so screwy like the Encephalo Beams not dropping correctly at ultron. Mental is out of the game while Physical is in, and still no Energy one. 

    Dr Ock could use a check up on his Unique being dropable, and some bosses at Cosmic Midtown not dropping loot like Lizard.
  • latiasfanlatiasfan Member CommonPosts: 3
    Thank you guys for doing this! Love when you do stuff like this.

    So my question is this:
    As more and more heroes have started to come to the game, some people have complained about how some heroes feel very similar to other heroes in terms of things such as playstyle, powers, design, etc. Moving forward is there a plan to combat such issues? i.e. community feedback, hero design forums, polls, etc.
  • GazLordGazLord Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 28
    RE: Squirrel Girl. Good question. @GazLord? Why no cute squirrels?

    Time. I would love to have unique squirrels for each but sometimes we just can't fit in the work. That being said, if there is a Squirrel that comes along that cant be ignored we will do our best to make time for it.

  • CommissarSCVCommissarSCV Member UncommonPosts: 24
    AP3 or no AP3?  My wallet needs to know if it should defer to Eternity Splinters if no pack.
  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54

    mmii222 said:
    This is awesome.  I have a few of questions.

    First, with the rebrand, could we expect danger room, red genosha raid, next story chapter and cosmic ultron?  Or will it be some, not all.  In other words, a slower roll out rather than all at once.

    Second, with the Spidey rework, can we expect other heroes to get scaling damage based on defensive stats?  For instance, Colossus getting %damage for stacking armor? (unless he already has that, I know he has health to damage)

    Third, on a much smaller scale, all the work you guys have done on Gambit it awesome and I feel kinda guilty for asking, but, is there any chance of an area tag update for Gambit on street sweep and 52 pick up?
    1) Danger Room comes before 2016. Red Raid if we feel heroes are ready, Cosmic Ultron same. Story chapter, yes, it will be coming with 2016 release!

    2) If it suits them, definitely. But if they already have another form of it, like Colossus does, unlikely. 

    3) I'll ask. Glad you're enjoying him!
  • SadareSadare Member UncommonPosts: 15
    Will we ever get a clock under the mini map, A QoL feature many have requested. 

    Also look forward to you guys pulling off the internal testing of customising how our rosters look, be nice if can have all  the heros wearing what we want them to and able to reorder them with our favorites at top or jsut in general more flexability, maybe a small thing as for game play goes but for QoL  its a nice one. Used to it in COH could completely arrange your char select as you liked 
  • Chairman.POWChairman.POW Member UncommonPosts: 1
    The state of Advance Packs and possibly moving away from that model: The flexibility of not only having to develop a smaller stable of heroes and not having to annnounce the full year's roster is completely understandable from the development point of view.

    It might also make sense from a financial standpoint given that you have the financial metrics to support the decision. However, since the AP was offered and then put back up for purchase a few different times over the course of a few months last Fall/Winter, it would seem that the large transactions are still in Gaz's best interest.

    My question would be: Would you consider an AP with a handful of "set in stone" heroes that have already been confirmed, with the remainder being mystery heroes? This might not be an appealing option for a large number of players. However, for those who do enjoy the APs not only for the value they offer (which gives us additional funds for more purchases over the course of the year), it might be a way to keep the AP model as a viable alternative to 3 or 4 "wave packs" as we see throughout the year.

    The "wave packs" make sense as well as you're getting a better staggered revenue stream over the course of a year. Moving to that model alone might leave many in the community avoiding them depending on the strength / appeal of the multi-hero packs. These consumers would not be the ones who would normally just pull the trigger on an AP based on 2-3 heroes alone, or just buying it for the sake of completionism.

    The big consideration would be what bonuses could be offered to make a new AP more appealing for those who are wary of the "mystery hero" idea and might find paying for unknowns offputting (to say the least). Many might find the idea of ordering a pack with only half (or so) of the roster known as a no-go, but there are many among the community who like having a full roster already paid for and ready for delivery.

    The discount is a huge plus as well, as I mentioned. AP2 allowed me to spend a lot more money on things I wouldn't have normally been able to purchase if heroes were only available in the "wave packs." I would like to continue to support the game as much as I can, and the AP model allows that flexibility in my annual entertainment budget. This position is not universal (like every other idea), but I was hoping to hear your thoughts further detailed after the speculation on the forums went batty.

    Thanks for your time in doing this AMA either way.
  • supahcrapsupahcrap Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Me love Iron FIst spoilers.

    How about NC changes? I know for a fact u guys said he's not ignored, but it really looks like it either way.

    So, how about set effects for uniques? it was spoiled before so...

    Was the last poll on the new hero for next year catered for people outside MH?

    I believe WM outshines IM in the long run. care to comment on that?

    About the supposed Magneto visual changes. havent heard a word since. u know, the change for blunt instrument and such.

    That's all for now. thank you.
  • knox1711knox1711 Member UncommonPosts: 38

    Very much appreciate the work on Gambit. 

    One outstanding issue for ranged builds...his sig (52) and DMH have a targeting primarily boss killer skills, they don't have a pierce or lock as so many other heroes do with their single target skills...IM, Jean, Capt Marvel, etc., etc.   So any trash mob between you and the boss eats the maps with a lot of trash (limbo in mystic mayhem, for example) hitting the boss can be next to impossible...could you please add a pierce to these skills...the addition of the exploding mechanics only works, kind of, if the trash is on top of the boss...if the trash is closer to you, you still aren't damaging the boss....please bring these boss killer skills in line with others...and an invuln on his 4 second sig channel (like WM has) would be nice, too :P.  Thanks.

  • Niko-kingNiko-king Member UncommonPosts: 1
    edited October 2015
    so here are my questions:

    1. Since Blade is october hero,we still have november and decembe,r but 3 more heroes.Blackcat is december,does this mean we can expect Magik and Iron Fist both in november or maybe 2 heroes in december?(I hope Magik is november :D )

    2.Very important,Dazzler ,anything about her. She is rly wanted hero so are there any chances for Dazzler to be playable in 2016?

    3.Jubilee,i would like to have her playable, maybe 2016 or maybe 2017?(2016 would be nice)
    But i need her as team up as sooner as possible.Can you tell me is there going to be Jubilee team up in 2016 or maybe surprise for this christmas :D ? Just imagine playing Dazzler with Jubilee team up *__*

    4.And i have to ask is there going to be visual update for those 90's X-men costumes?
    (I would like to know bout 90's Jean is it in work alredy coz we saw her other costumes got visual update and what about others,cant wait for those big haircuts on Rogue and Storm )

  • GazLordGazLord Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 28
    Hi , is magik gonna have a power to transform into her darkchylde form or to summon the multi-headed hydra (Uncanny X Men 19)

    What costume is gonna be Magik default?

    How is gonna work  Agent Venom Powers ?

    Thats all i want to ask , thanks :)

    I think there might be some Demon-ing in there.
  • CodesharkCodeshark Member CommonPosts: 1
    Are you planning on doing anything more for the All-New All Different comics in Marvel Heroes?  I am super hyped reading all the new #1s.
  • MoonStoneXMoonStoneX Member UncommonPosts: 2
    @GazLord ;

    When can we Expect the new Spider-Gwen power Icons?


  • GloomfallGloomfall Member CommonPosts: 1
    When can we expect Deadpool's 52 Review to come into the game, and how involved can the Deadpool players be in the process?
  • SadareSadare Member UncommonPosts: 15
    edited October 2015
    Will the danger room be a soloable instance or will it be like Xdefence/Ultron  and be designed for  a team  ?

    Id like the danger room to be like Holo sim were, if i want i can have a  solo option  untill i fail.

  • GlemtVapenGlemtVapen Member CommonPosts: 1
    Well since a lot of folks are already asking about Emma Frost I will be going on a different tangent.

    When will Captain Marvel get a proper QoL review? Within 6 months or much,much later? Her last small QoL put her on a good place but the new recent QoL changes put a lot of heroes way ahead of the curve. Some of her powers are still working on outdated tech.

    When will Psylocke get a QoL? Within 6 months or later? Same case with Carol that she is still doing okay but most of her powers are very dated especially her Range build and her Uniques needs some minor Tweaking to put her on par with the later heroes.

    Only few people remember it but those Muspelheim Uniques that was teased at the beginning of these year, The Fire Giant Greaves and the like, will those ever going to be released or are they permanently scrapped?

    Will Iron Man ever get a proper Melee Build that actually lets me tank (to some extent) end-game content while doing great DPS? Hulkbuster demands punching, not pewpew.

  • GazLordGazLord Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 28
    edited October 2015
    Can you tell us what will take the place of the man-hours that were put into 52 reviews now that they are all but complete? (DP is still there i know)

    Are there any plans to rework the white 90's Storm costume? (dear god say yes!)

    I predict mounts are coming next year, am i right?!

    How come Squirrel Girls new costumes don't come with new squirrel skins?

    A lot of people feel that the idea of no AP3 is a money grab, any comment?

    Are there plans for literal seasonal changes to Midtown Manhattan, like the winter version? Stuff like that is a breath of fresh air.

    PAX East in 2016?

    Can you spoil ONE hero (not Anegla) that is officially coming next year?

    Are there plans for more terminals?

    Crafting revamp coming with 2016?

    Is there any news on a more secure log-in system, such as an the authenticator?

    Will the rebrand be offically called Marvel Heroes 2016?

    Why was Wesley Snipes not able to be tapped for Blade voice work?

    With 2 monthe left in the year, how do you plan to put out 4 heroes?
    Regarding seasonal changes question...
    We are talking about that, yes. Not sure what the scope is yet but people really liked the winter scene so we definitely want to continue doing things along that line. There might be a little something like that this coming winter...
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  • RyolnirRyolnir Member, AMA Guest UncommonPosts: 54
    JoeDirt said:
    Dear Lord, 

    ok that came out wrong, let's start again.

    Dear Ryolnir and  Lord (AKA Art Director)  Thanks for coming here and answering some questions. I have a few  questions .

    1.)  Hardcore Mode it has been talked about this from the beta and all other ARPG's have this mode and Diablo2 had it. Are there any plans  or is it in development?

    2.)  Would you mind sharing with us what the way forward is in terms of Itemization, customization and diversity of Heroes? Right now we have like hero specific Uniques as BIS Items and every other gear being made absolute, will there be any changes or are there any plans on this?

    3.)  What are the plans on implementing more single player and more difficult content for  players who like to play alone?

    4.)  What is happening regarding pvp

    5.)  What are the plans regarding crafting and when can we expect some changes to this cumbersome game feature?

    Thank you for reading this and hoping to get some answers and Thank you for coming by
    1) There are plans, yes. I would go so far as to say it's just beyond the planning phase, even.

    2) Yes there will be. There is a new system that we were planning to launch with Danger Room, but we decided to hold it back so that we could expand on it even more. This system will allow you to customize your Uniques similar to StarkTech with Artifacts, but will have multiple slots and will have more than just +1 to a power. Certain types of uniques will be able to use different types of enhancements, for instance, Any Hero Uniques have more slots than Hero Specific Uniques so that you can take a favorite Any Hero Unique and add ranks to your best skills. There's more to the system than just power ranks, but that's an aspect I really like about it since it lets me have a use for all of those Any Hero Uniques in my S.T.A.S.H. More to come!

    3) If Danger Room doesn't scratch that itch, give us feedback once it's on TC to help us make it scratch that itch for you.

    4) We're investigating a new PVP mode with some fancy new tech that we could leverage to tie back into the original PVP mode. The design is pending estimation and approval. I'd like to start a poll on the forums soon about what people want for the future of PVP, as I don't know that the current form will ever be as fun as we want it to be.

    5) Reducing tiers is a go. Also looking at ways to just make overall much less clicking. 
  • fufuhooifufuhooi Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Agents of Shield tv series infiltrated some other Marvel games . Aside from there any chance to bring Agents of Shield into Marvel Heroes like NPCs in storyline ?
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