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Jixen9Jixen9 Member UncommonPosts: 49
So for the longest time i was in search for a good game to play, i tried just about every mmorpg out there and a lot of these new games just weren't sucking me in like the oldschool games used too. So i decided to give a older game a try and i am sooo hooked and loving it. Everquest 2 is what i am playing now, they just opened a "time locked Server" so basically every month or so the server votes on whether they want a new expansion to come out or not. It nice because your not joining a game where everyone is max lvl and max geared, so you have a chance at being able to protect yourself on pvp servers and can actually do decent dps in raids. Raiding is amazingly fun,, pvp is action packed and exciting. The guilds in the game offer nice community fun. I am just happy i decided to give eq2 another try, its a huge relief to finally get involved in a game that gives me that feeling that i felt 10-15 years ago playing everquest 1,dark age of camelot,diablo 2. well ill stop there, just wanted to let the community know that there is hope lol,bc i know all about how hard it is to find a decent game to play these days. If you decide to play, i am on deathtoll server Freeport side, message me here for character name...enjoy your gaming!


  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 13,437
    Agreed. I am still waiting for a new mmo to come out that I like and will play but until then I keep coming back to EQ2. Great game and in my opinion it is the most well rounded mmo on the market

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