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Veteran player wanting to get back into a solid MMO.



  • CyraelCyrael Member UncommonPosts: 239
    As others have already said, the PVP in The Secret World is pretty average, but the story, setting, and atmosphere are the best in the genre.
  • AzucArSaladAzucArSalad Member UncommonPosts: 61
    kzweed said:
    Rich story.. Only SWTOR come in mind.
    Talking about levelling, I disagree. SWTOR has only one main story mission each ¿5 levels? The rest of the quests are the standard kill critters and deliver muffins to next town.

    SWTOR, FFXIV, Rift, Tera, Wildstar... are all similar WoW's children. FFXIV left me the impression that the quests were not so boring or,at least, not so long. If you want story while levelling, ESOTU and TSW are your games. In ESOTU (f2p + dlc or sub), after you reach lvl 50, you need to start grinding for veteran levels and you end in the same tedious circle. TSW (b2p + dlc or sub) is very immersive.

    End game (=raids), EQ2 (f2p + dlc or sub) and WoW (sub) still have no competition. FFXIV (sub) looks more accessible because each boss has its own rigid mechanics that you can learn in advance (and you must learn or you'll die making the party wipe). SWTOR (f2p until level 50, for end game you need to sub) is more fun because the mechanics are not so rigid and I am an SW fan :-P I still haven't played ESOTU end game.

    Lots of people say that GW2 (b2p + dlc?) is a different game. It is and it has introduced some good mechanics to other games, but I has never caught me the many times I have tried it. Despite the open world quests, your main source of XP are still the standard kill-mobs quests. PvE end game, it is a bit an empty shell.

    I haven't actively played PvP for years in a MMORPG. I prefer MOBA rather than Battlegrounds and Arenas and I have not found a good PvE game that has also areas of open PvP (maybe ESOTU?) So, no opinion here.

    For just spending some time killing mobs while you think on your boss, Firefall (f2p) and Skyforge (f2p) do their job nicely. ARPG do too (Path of Exile, Marvel Heroes - both f2p).

    My current choice is ESOTU.


  • AzucArSaladAzucArSalad Member UncommonPosts: 61
    edited October 2015
    raystantz said:
    I was playing Archeage because my gf was. She still likes it, but she will never get far enough to be competitive or be affected by any of it's glaring issues. I also have ESO which I did like but it just got way too repetitive. I have GW2 as well.
    I liked Archeage a lot. I left it mainly because sometimes I could not log in each 2 weeks to make money and pay my rent. Bots and scammers also help in that decision :-P

    If you find ESOTU repetitive, then you'll not like any other themepark. Try TSW instead, it is quite immersive while levelling. These 2 are the only ones with good story quests.

    EDIT: Concerning your question about which one is less harmful to your wallet, all have DLC's now ( I am not sure about Aion). DLC's aside, ESOTU, Rift and EQ2.


  • raystantzraystantz Final Fantasy XI CorrespondentMember UncommonPosts: 1,237
    I was given a 72 hour trial to TSW. I liked it to begin with until I started feeling like I was playing a single player game. I still may dive in later when I'm okay with that, but I want to play with others much more and 72 hours wasn't really long enough to get far enough in to experience that. It seems like a very different game. The only real negative I found was that the combat is pretty atrocious. Of course you'll find that in every review of the game. I did like the challenge of the puzzles, but again it felt like a single player game in that regard akin to silent hill or resident evil. 

    Tera's combat is fun, but the community is horrible and the quests are probably some of most dull I've seen. Plus everything I've read says you have to spend oodles of money to be viable in PVP at end game. I know end game is far away, but I'd like the option to do it if I wanted.

    Archeage was very appealing to me. Open PVP, sandbox, farming and building, ship warfare.. seems to have everything you could want. The reviews just haven't been very good and I've gotten no sense that you can play the game and progress unless you drop a ton of money into this as well.

    ESO is a game my gf got me into. She was a big fan of Skyrim and wanted to play it so we both bought it at launch. I enjoyed it while playing with her, but there didn't seem to be much in the way of "other stuff" to do other than quest and run dungeons. There was crafting, and PVP but the PVP wasn't all that great, and I just couldn't get into the crafting. I'm updating it right now to give it a go tomorrow before I make a final decision.

    Guild Wars 2 is another game I own that I've tried to play a few times and just haven't gotten very far. I've been told I can mostly play the entire game to max without spending a dime. That's appealing to me. I don't mind spending money, but I don't want to drop 100s of dollars a month just to be viable like I've heard people do in these other so called f2p games. GW2 and ESO are a close 2nd right now due to them not costing me anything to get started.

    FFXIV I've been playing on a 14 day trial. It's not FFXI and doesn't try to be. It DOES feel like a FF game, and there are a lot of things that make me go "Hey, that's in FFXI", but most of those things are not FFXI specific but rather just FF mainstays. The spells and things are familiar and that's a plus for me. It also seems like there are "side things" to do other than just quest and dungeon. I don't care how they are wrapped as long as they are wrapped well enough for me to think they are different. FFXI and final fantasy games have always been masters of the mini game so I'm hoping there is more of that. Fates are cool and remind me of public events in GW2 or rifts in RIFT. I don't mind the WoW combat system and the graphics are mind blowingly gorgeous. I also dig the soundtrack. If it weren't for that 12.99 a month fee I'd already be subbed err.. playing. I've got to find something to justify the sub cost over the other 2 games that are currently sharing the slot for 2nd place. Honestly if my gf really wants me to play any of the choices with her, that makes my decision that much easier.


    Currently playing:

    FFXIV on Behemoth, FFXI on Eden, and Gloria Victis on NA. 

  • coretex666coretex666 Member EpicPosts: 3,853
    Veteran? Dude, games changed...everything changed and not for better. Run away before you find out more.
  • moonboundmoonbound Member UncommonPosts: 396
    Veteran? Dude, games changed...everything changed and not for better. Run away before you find out more.
    This, however there are a few unique and veteran mmorpgs releases, like crowfall online, albion online and dark ages of camelot unchained, but I think unchained might be more of a pvp game maybe they are going both this time.
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