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GW2 not a full game?



  • DrisdaneDrisdane Member UncommonPosts: 97
    @Wizardry Sadly, those "mario themed jump zones" were the only part of Gw2 that I liked. The rest just felt like a chaotic clusterf**k....
  • CelciusCelcius Member RarePosts: 1,817
    Saying that a game is not a "full game" is a passive aggressive way of saying it does not have features that you want in the game. The game has more then enough content to justify the purchase cost of 0$ at this point. Yes, it also had more then enough content to justify the purchase price at 60$ as well. 

    Also another thing...No MMO is ever finished. So by that very definition; no MMO is a full game. 
  • lilHealalilHeala Member UncommonPosts: 522
    Wizardry said:
    They also like to brag a LOT especially with ideas that other devs are doing but don't feel the need to brag about it,example "Living Story".FFXI has that ongoing right now and the game is nearing it's end and is in maintenance mode but never felt the need to brag about it or tell everyone "look at all the free content we are giving you".

    I don't think it's a fair example taking the business models into account. A P2P game can hardly call anything free content as the business model is there to ensure they can keep pumping out new content (but most games using that model still have some extra's to buy in their store and don't feel greedy making you pay every year or so for an expansion that's required to continue playing unless you want to be stuck in old content forever).
    And still to this date you have a box price and pay a monthly fee for FFXI just to be able to play or even re-activate an old character that should never have been de-activated in the first place.
    Don't get me wrong, I love FFXI it's the game I played the longest, when a lot of people hopped over to WoW when it released I did too but returned to FFXI after only a few months.
    But looking at the amount of content I got in GW2 by paying something like €40 over 3 years ago without paying anything else I'm sure I got a hell of a lot more content for my euri and am happy I also got free content updates which taking the B2P model into account is something I think is rightfully proud of and can brag about because playing half a year of any other newly released game didn't give me (much) more content but cost me a lot more money which is a waste considering those games weren't even able to keep me or make me return at a later stage (which would require handing over more money just to be able to pick it up again).
  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194
    GW2 might not be everyone cup of tea, but it is the best Casual MMO out there at the moment bar none.
    The OP was obviously trolling.

  • moonboundmoonbound Member UncommonPosts: 396
    edited October 2015
    ste2000 said:
    GW2 might not be everyone cup of tea, but it is the best Casual MMO out there at the moment bar none.
    The OP was obviously trolling.
    I really do not think you know what trolling is, he did list some facts and again I emphasize only some about the game.
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