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The sandbox I enjoy most is a free browser game - Renaissance Kingdoms

RedRocketRedRocket Member CommonPosts: 154

[Foreword: I'm going to try to make you sign up for this game and refer to my Renaissance Kingdoms character - that will earn me 10 pounds ingame for buddy invitation, so I'm not advertising altruistically. I will however give you those 10 pounds if we ever meet in game, which is highly unlikely. But I'm also posting here because I really think this game is a hidden gem.]


So, I forgot who originally introduced me to this game. It was someone from this forum in June 2011. I am talking about Renaissance Kingdoms, a browser game with surprisingly much social content, little compulsion and many possibilities.


Here's my little review from 'inside' the game since I started:


Not *so* much has happened since I started as a vagrant last year. I own two wheat fields now and a bakery, I sell bread on the market, occasionally I travel to other cities for trading purposes too - always in company of course. I made the mistake once and travelled alone, and immediately had my ass handed to me, my stuff stolen, and my body bruised. But I've recovered, I'm back in business, and those pesky robbers are on my revenge list. I don't wanna get my hands dirty on those guys. I might hire someone.


I'm glad I'm back in business. Just in time. There was a revolution in the country north of my hometown, people have been evicted, opposition members are on the run. Those who got away with their lives are in desperate need of bread, and there's so many of them that our bread prices are exploding - good business. Everyone likes bread. I just hope not too many of them will settle here - they'd get voting rights and I'm not too thrilled about getting a new mayor - I do good business with the town hall at the moment.


But if I ever got bored of the high society, I could grab a sword, a shield, lay on the road and beat up travelers. Or run for election. Join the guard. Become the head of church. Or a simple priest. Oh and I don't have a boat yet!


It's a bit hard to explain what Renaissance Kingdoms is about. All you ever need to do is eat and work every day. There are only three stats, strength, intelligence and charisma, and the market is of manageable size. We're talking about a turn-based game with 1 turn per 24 hours. Renaissance Kingdoms is veeery slow. On some days, I only need to spend 20 seconds in this game and I'm done with my stuff. It doesn't bug you with a timer like Ogame or whatever. It's relaxing.


But they basically got that social engine thing right. If you decide to immerse yourself deeper into this world, you'll end up with more goals than just work and eat. You'll find enemies on the roads, friends in the taverns, you'll make plans and execute them together. You can run a town, or a whole country, you can revolt against those who are running it - and you'll probably want to think about some steps twice, as there is permadeath and a dynamic construct of laws and political structures. All made by players.


So there, if you'd like to give it a try, the website is and if you do decide to sign up, please enter in the registration form that "Kharim" is sponsoring you so I can get 10 pounds ingame extra, har har. If you have any questions, need any help, I'm right here! Sometimes.


And for everyone who's lost and doesn't wanna communicate anyway, there's also a quite enlightening wiki about this game, and the community in this game is usually very helpful. I've never met anyone who didn't want to answer my questions in the tavern.


  • ExzyzExzyz Member UncommonPosts: 70

    Can you bake in it?

  • RedRocketRedRocket Member CommonPosts: 154

    Well, yes. But it basically consists of buying flour and hitting a button that says "bake". Then you wait until the next day and your bread is there. :D And err you can make milk and .. meat.


    Soo, considering a few of you actually signed up, I just wanna hand out the following bit of advice:

    - At first you should get a job to earn some money. You can either work in the mines by clicking at "out of town" and then "works", or you can accept a player job at the town hall in the town menu. The wage for mining differs a little per region, it's 16 pounds where I live, I've seen 17 pounds somewhere too.. The applicants for player jobs get picked based on their charisma value.


    Erm there's fruit picking and fishing too but I have no clue about that.


    - You don't need to eat on the first day. I'm not sure if you even need to eat on day 2. Eventually you will die but until then, you will only lose stats from starving - and your stats are zero anyway. I suggest you start eating when you get messages that you're probably going to die or so, dunno if that happens on day 2 or 3.

  • graywolffgraywolff Member UncommonPosts: 4
    I play this game too, I'm home in Brno in the Markrabstvi Moravske, I´m tailors and I currently stay in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands on a quest for knowledge.

    It's a really great game if someone seems slow, it can literally "let off steam" in the RP stories in connected forum.
  • TheocritusTheocritus Member EpicPosts: 7,188
    I made the mistake once and travelled alone, and immediately had my ass handed to me, my stuff stolen, and my body bruised.

    You lost me here....Never a fan of games where other players kill you and steal your stuff.
  • graywolffgraywolff Member UncommonPosts: 4
    So it was uncomfortable traveling in RK is risky actions should always travel in a group, have higher strength attribute and also a weapon - the best sword. Fortunately, death is not definitive, but must wait a long recovery, I admit. However, if you are inside the city; there is almost no risk, this game just needs patience, the tempo is very slow, not everyone likes it ...
  • FehdFehd Member UncommonPosts: 64
    I used to play RK but I hated the land tax system , I once put my chat to ' rest ' at the church cuz I needed to take break from the game and when I re logged later after 6 months I found that the county was still taking tax on my property which kept adding on . Why am taxed while am on rest/vacation mode ? That was a bumer so I quit playing for good .
  • graywolffgraywolff Member UncommonPosts: 4
    This is obviously a mistake, yeah, I've heard that where there is no a defect, is not perfection. Six months is Douh time I missed about a year, but altogether, I did not the character in the monastery. Yet nothing to me unpleasant met. However, I am convinced that the tax problem could be solved by agreement, our provincial council is usually reasonable.
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