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Network Error: Connection Closed

TacticalZombehTacticalZombeh Member UncommonPosts: 329

So I'm getting this error today. A post from yesterday said it could happen because they were doing an emergency patch, but it was supposed to be resolved.

I also noticed I couldn't post on the forums and that no one had posted for a few hours.


Anyone know what's up?


  • pupurunpupurun Member UncommonPosts: 557

    there are MANY people that get certain connection/authentication errors. They suggest we log with our NCSOFT credentials but still no solution. This seriously reminds me of similar SWTOR issues which unfortunately were solved 1 month after launch....Lets hope CARBINE is better than BIOWARE...

    Btw its unacceptable to have issues LOGGING in even in a beta weekend....We want to try your product , we KNOW its beta but NOT being able to LOG INTO THE DAMN game is not justified by the term BETA

  • LackinLackin Member CommonPosts: 1
    Having the same problem
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