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New Laptop question Lenovo e555

Elevenb4Elevenb4 Member UncommonPosts: 361
This laptop is for my wife's work, dont' flame me for not having bought a desktop for gaming and that laptops are crap for gaming. just getting that out of that way lol.

Anwyays.... my wife's laptop died on her a few days ago. It had like a 8650m amd in it. I don't know if that's integrated or what. All I know is that she used it for work, and it could run wow on like low-med settings decently. She's not a hardcore gamer, but does like to dabble. 

Yesterday we went to Best Buy (I know, shoot me) and picked up a cheap Lenovo E555. We needed something fast since she needs a laptop for work, and again, graphics capabilities weren't even a consideration. She asked me to install WoW on it and i figured, surely it would run wow at least as well as her last laptop since it has a AMD R6. Again, she could care less about graphics as long as it doesn't look like a calculator. 

So I do some searching about the R6 and it's okay, someone said to get the exact specs, to us 'Run' and type in 'msinfo32' so I did. I went to 'Components' then to 'Display' and here is where i'm confused. 

When I run the DXdiag, it says under the Display Tab that it's the r6 graphics. But in 'Msinfo32' it lists the R6 Graphics, then as you scroll down on the same page it lists the R7 M260DX.

So I'm confused, why would it list both? I'm retarded when it comes to laptop gpu's or graphics so I was just curious is all. 

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  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 6,529
    edited September 2015
    GPU manufacturers design a couple of new graphic cards for each new generation, and then rename some of their old graphic cards into the new generation so that they can offer you a complete line-up of new generation graphic cards.

    Your R7 M260DX / R6 -graphic card is probably just one of those renamed graphic cards. That means both of the names for it are correct and mean the same graphic card.
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