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Five Reasons You Should Be Playing Marvel Heroes - The List at



  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    edited September 2015
    1 reason not to; you already have D3 bought ;)
    Similar, from the other way around: those 5 reasons may seem valid, but as much as I'm a Marvel fan, 1 reason trumps them all - I'd never poke a diablo or a diablo clone with a 10foot pole :wink:
    As I wrote at its launch, Marvel should've kept UA for the consoles and make a "real" mmorpg for the pc... true, their main competitor, DCUO is more like an action console brawler too, but at least that has an mmo topping which makes it a fun (mmo-ish) game to play.

    Sad to see that the last man / superhero standing is CO, which is quite old and also was pretty neglected in the last couple of years... :o
  • gunmanvladgunmanvlad Member UncommonPosts: 281
    In my opinion Marvel Heroes is the most updated game ever, anywhere. The team churn out new heroes, content, costumes, etc. really nicely and events in-game are always present whenever you have a new Marvel movie out. I think the biggest reason to play still has to be "it's free"...really it is
  • GardavsshadeGardavsshade Member UncommonPosts: 907
    Reason why I won't play a SuperHero or Comicbook Hero MMO.... I really, really, REALLY am sick and tired of being the "Hero". I don't even want to be the Sidekick. I just want to interact in a virtual world and be the guy that makes a widget so someone else can build something great, or be the guy that mines the Ore that someone else uses to forge a fantastic weapon or armor piece, or be the guy that hunts the rabbit that the Hero will use as bait to lure out the Troll.

    No five reasons I should play it will change that. In a Comic book Hero and Villain universe you have Heros, Villains, sidekicks... and NPCs.

    I am not Marvel Hero's target audience. Good luck Marvel Heros, may your MMO shine. It's a cool idea for a MMO for certain, I wish you well.
  • vladko92vladko92 Member UncommonPosts: 42
    edited September 2015
    1 Reason to don't play Marvel Heroes Online... Half of the Heroes in the rooster don't represent their comics representation. For once at the top of the bar Storm, after that Daredevil, followed close by Spiderman and few others which are quite well known characters. They concentrate over releasing new heroes, instead upgrading the ones with which they started...
  • IcyWizIcyWiz Member UncommonPosts: 14
    I spend way too much time playing this game. All I ever play is Hawkeye, and he says some funny stuff. I really enjoy running around punching bad guys that explode like loot pinatas. I'm pretty easily amused. One think I'll say abut MH is that I think there's some sinister logic to the massive loot drops: if they fill your "free" backpacks with crap (which is pretty much anything that isn't purple) you'll be tempted to buy extra storage to hold onto it for shredding/crafting. Don't spend IRL money on inventory spaces. Just leave the crap on the ground and keep killing stuff for free.
  • unfilteredJWunfilteredJW Member UncommonPosts: 339
    I recently found my way into the game and am loving the hell out of it.

    I'm a MUDder. I play MUDs.

    Current: Dragonrealms

  • AlverantAlverant Member RarePosts: 1,281
    How is this game related to Marvel Future Fight? And when can we see Darkhawk in this game?
  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,010
    Desperate times when someone titles an article "Reasons why you SHOULD be playing", then lists "Well, there's free stuff" and "It's the closest we're going to get to..." as reasons. Maybe change the title to a more benign "Reasons you might want to play...". Few more months and the site will have been taken over my Buzzfeed.
  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,726
    None of those are good enough to get me to go back.  Just does not feel like a MMO when you have play THEIR characters and not your own.  Seems that is not a big thing for you and others though, so have fun.
  • moosecatlolmoosecatlol Member RarePosts: 1,527
    They ever fix the shitty UI, so that players don't constantly have mess with their ini?
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