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New information of New game

enjoyrpgenjoyrpg Member CommonPosts: 6
Hello guys~! I'm player that a lot of play the kal online.

Yesterday, I saw the new mmorpg homepage in kal online page.

How about this?

It is new game, It was look great for me.

You can see the site below.


  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Member RarePosts: 14,247
    edited August 2015

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    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • DeivosDeivos Member EpicPosts: 3,692
    Well, that looks derivative.

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  • KenFisherKenFisher Member UncommonPosts: 5,035

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  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 6,521
    It looks pretty, but is the game translated as badly as the homepage?

    "Character Generation:
    There are five available playable characters making that each characters have their own hunting style and feature. It is recommended to pick one character after figuring out what is what."
  • enjoyrpgenjoyrpg Member CommonPosts: 6
    @Vrika ;
    is this part of What is What?:)
  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 6,521
    edited August 2015
    @enjoyrpg ;

    I'm sorry but I do not understand your question.

    The character creation instructions I quoted on my previous post were taken from: http://thanatos.inixgame.com/gameguide/BeginnerGuide.asp?btn=7
  • enjoyrpgenjoyrpg Member CommonPosts: 6
    edited August 2015
    Yes, i know but i didn't find as badly translated in character creation instructions.

    But, Why are we serious? :) 

    I hope that this game would get me fast.
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