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Crowfall: No healing... be ready for zerging or get zerged



  • arbacusarbacus Member UncommonPosts: 41
    edited August 2015
    guys healing has almost nothing to do with zerging. the main driving forces for zerging are its even close to viable for progression combined with organized play meta has moved to a place where most players cannot play at without being trained and developers do not do a good enough job on the design side to train the masses to not just zerg easymode zerg herp derp so thats what we get.

  • lobotarulobotaru Member UncommonPosts: 165
    edited August 2015
    As others have stated. there will be friendly fire in Crowfall. That alone will prevent mindless swarm tactics, since everyone's attacks do not just etherially pass through their allies. The problem with GW2 is they give no clear direction for how each job is to be played. Any number of roles help to clarify what a player can do by giving them some concept to latch onto for guidance. At the same time, too many players have grown complacent with WoW's trinity.

    The roles never had to be limited to "tank, healer, DD" and the industry has suffered from it. I'd also say the trinity is the absolute worst role division for PvP. Firehose healing, enough tank bunkering to render DD helpless, tanks slapping people with the strength of a bowl of wet noodles, etc. 
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