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EQ:N Continues to leak staff



  • ArchlyteArchlyte Member RarePosts: 1,405
    Viper482 said:
    Whether this means anything or not, is there anyone that is not thinking "vaporware" at this point?
    Yes, and also I'm thinking about the reveal presentation in which all of those poor people talked about what EverQuest means to them. I'm not one of those folks, but I feel bad for them. They have had the corpse of an IP they love paraded around and defiled. 
    MMORPG players are often like Hobbits: They don't like Adventures
  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Member LegendaryPosts: 9,727
    Nanfoodle said:
    Asbo said:
    IMO this company will fall flat on it's arse they are like a headless chicken running round in the dark. Soon as these guys left SOE they will of had funding reduced even after all the money they raked in from their packs which they are still trying to shift to any idiot willing to buy them. You cannot write anything to criticize them on their website or you get banned they are hiding behind their day breaking your games wall. EQN is a pipe dream which if it does see the light it will be fluff. IMO this game will die...Loading please wait!!!
    If your post was anything like that one, they have every right to ban you from their forums lol

    If you have not noticed, they already banned everyone from their EQN forums.

    Odd I post on their official forums =-) They only closed the general forums. 
  • WarlyxWarlyx Member EpicPosts: 3,242
    Elsabolts said:
    Video's please ?
    of what exactly.... :p

    expansion for eq2 needs to be announced soon if im not mistaken
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