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Probably The Worst PC Commercial You Have Ever Seen

arctarusarctarus Member UncommonPosts: 2,581

RIP Orc Choppa


  • MukeMuke Member RarePosts: 2,614
    Like Microsoft: "you don't need keyboards and monitors. Here's Windows 8!"

    "going into arguments with idiots is a lost cause, it requires you to stoop down to their level and you can't win"

  • arctarusarctarus Member UncommonPosts: 2,581
    DMKano said:
    Nope I think the worst actual ad that was ran in magazines was this one:


    You can click on the image on that site to see the actual ad.

    Hmmm. gota try it tomorrow , page wont load.

    But msi , better stick to making hardware and not commercial

    RIP Orc Choppa

  • booniedog96booniedog96 Member UncommonPosts: 289
    I can not unsee this...
  • shalissarshalissar Member UncommonPosts: 509
    Oh my god, that 90's instructional video vocal inflection
    And the forced attempts to sound like a normal, casual person thrown in every now and then
    My SIDES.
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