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Early Enrollment v10.1 Has Been Released!

rsdanceyrsdancey Member Posts: 106

Thes are the release notes.

Key features:

* Holding & Outpost Warfare turned on!

* Combat mechanic updates

* Companies can now capture unused Settlements


  • F0URTWENTYF0URTWENTY Member UncommonPosts: 349


    You're telling me you're just now turning on territorial warfare and you've been charging a sub fee for how many months now?


    Do the animations and graphics still look like a high school computer science project? Is the game still made in the free game engine Unity that's meant for hobbyists? 

    If so then perhaps consider dropping your sub fee until it looks like a product made by professionals.

  • wmmarcellinowmmarcellino Member UncommonPosts: 94
    1. We're not feuding anyone right now, so I haven't had a chance to experience the Holdings/Outposts warfare part yet.
    2. We've had a couple of nights of testing out the new combat changes, and I'd say the overall evaluation is good. 
    • The lower stamina cost/damage/time per action means that fights are smoother, with less sudden spikes in DPS that obliterate one side.  In PVE so far, that means we can't one-shot a yellow anymore, but it also means that if we are fighting something tough like Ustalavs or Duergar, we don't have a couple of players just buzz-sawed into pulp.
    • I like the faster pace for combat actions--lower stamina cost/damage/time per action meant you acted more often in a fight.  I'm making about double the choices/actions per PVE fight as I made under the old system.  That's positive.
    • Something has happened to resists for efffects like stun and root (or is it just too many stacks of slow so you are rooted?).  We haven't figured out yet if it is a function of Defense--it seemed like our players with lower Will Defense were getting chain stunned.  It's not a bad thing, just an increase in difficulty.
    • The lower stamina cost and refresh times means I don't have to wait on stamina to act.  Healing in a group or doing damage is about quickly processing who to target and getting there physically. I also like that my charge heal works now as intended, and that it heals as effectively as my regular heal.
    • Which brings up another point--it's hard for me as a cleric to complain, but I feel like clerics maybe are a little OP now.  You can heal like mad, do pretty good DPS up close, and are a really good tank.

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