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NA, Ebonheart Pact, VALKYRIES LIGHT looking for MATURE MEMBERS

Tired of getting yelled at in PVP by some over the top "wanna be General"?  Looking for friendly people for Dungeons etc but don't want to be hooking up with strangers in your 100+ member guild?  Look no further. 


This is why Valkyries Light was created.  No age requirements, just Maturity requirements.  No other rules.  We are recruiting, but if you are looking for in your face, constant social interaction, this is not for you.  We want to keep things small and friendly and personable.  We casually hook up for Dungeons etc and play small team PVP on a regular basis. 


If you are interested, please leave a comment and or reason for your interest.  Thank you, Viking. 


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