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The Review is Out, Many Gamers Have Spoken, Change is Needed



  • AndiusMeuridiarAndiusMeuridiar Member UncommonPosts: 91
    They finally released something which could breath life into the game if implemented correctly. Territorial warfare. The reviews probably killed a lot of potential interest already though.
  • BluddwolfBluddwolf Member UncommonPosts: 355
    Originally posted by AndiusMeuridiar
    They finally released something which could breath life into the game if implemented correctly. Territorial warfare. The reviews probably killed a lot of potential interest already though.

    They have decided not to implement territorial warfare until after some additionall testing on the test server, and until after Gen Con so that the Demos of the game are running smoothly (without risk of new patch creating new issues).

    This is a smart move, and finally, a good use of the test server or at least an acknowledgement of what a test server is supposed to be used for.  


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  • grimalgrimal Member UncommonPosts: 2,914
    Originally posted by Loke666

    The problem isn't really if the game is F2P or P2P, in either case the game isn't in shape yet for charging anything.

    The games review wouldn't change if they skipped the monthly fees and started to sell items instead, it is just too early in development to start earning money off.

    The real problem here is that Goblin works don't have the money to make a MMO and that leads to a long paid alpha  and beta.

    It isn't the first time a game started charging way too early, AoC did the same and others did before it as well. None of the games that did this had a very happy story however, they got crappy reviews and turned away most potential players and PFO is taking this further than any other company have before.

    Now, I am not sure how they could finance this in another way but this is a road to disaster, and it is too bad since Pathfinder really have a lot of potential. Most players will not give the game a new chance when it finally is ready, or they didn't with the other games who started charging too early before it at least.

    The only way I see now would be doing something like FFXIV did after it's crappy launch and find some money so they can stop charging until the game is ready. But sadly I think we are looking on another failure due to an early release. :(

    Even if they were to flesh out the other parts of the game, by the time it takes to implement them, the whole game will require a graphic overhaul.  I just don't see a good outcome for this one.

  • Shubert1969Shubert1969 Member Posts: 1

    I understand that entertainment value is subjective and will greatly vary.
    But I could not stick with PO after the free trial.
    Amateurish is the only word that comes to mind; which as also been echoed here in the forum. The fun factor was nil for me.
    The reviewer summoned up my experience in PO:
    "My time in Pathfinder was often underwhelming and dissatisfying."
    Although to be fair, the game is at an early stage. And I can only think that this game is doomed with the present "early" monthly sub.

  • PottedPlant22PottedPlant22 Member RarePosts: 800

    I agree with this.  I will not pay a sub for a game that isn't even a game yet.  It's really not.  It's has limited functionality and the features are not there.  When he came up with this model, the novelty seemed new and innovating.  But everyone is doing exactly what he's doing.  The only difference is they are charging a sub.  What they should do is have everyone gain a slow XP advantage.  Sell pots to give some type of bonus I guess.  That way it would at least encourage people to play the game.  

    The game is far behind development compared to other games in a similar situation.  And none of those games charge a sub.

    He has openly discussed MMORPG business models.  He has openly talked about doing whatever the market will allow him to get away with.  He made this comparison when talking about the Asian market and their monetary system.  He said the system wouldn't work in the west because the potential customer wouldn't stand for it.  He might be right, but look as his rationale for it.  He using the same concept with his own business model.  Get people invested in always being on and build connections with people.  Pay sub because you feel obligated to keep connected to those people.  Never mind making a game that people actually want to be engaged in and play.  Or looking for a full feature set and taking advantage of the many aspects of the Pathfinder IP.

    A great example of this is the lost opportunity to make a PvE/PVP old school dungeon a priority.  Despite the fact that almost universally everyone thought it would be a good idea.

    They have dropped the ball big time.  Only time will tell if they pick it up in time before it's too late.

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