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Hard for New Player to get Started

Just loaded the game and after umpteen times of updating itself I finally get to char creating only to be told that I can't create a char unless I already have done so earlier.  Most servers telling me same thing with others too full.  Is this normal for WOW?  Darn shame that a new player can't even get into the game after loading the software.

Hope this is not normal!!!


  • Outkast22Outkast22 Member Posts: 51

    Try and find a server with a lower population and you should be fine.

    The reason its like that is because so many people play (don't know why image) that some servers just have way to many people.

  • BaldzuluBaldzulu Member Posts: 19

    Try one of the less populated servers for now during peak play hours. If you want to join a more populated server try during off-peak play times.

  • yeliabyeliab Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for the replies but I was trying on the low servers.  I just read on the WOW forum that there are a lot of people negatively affected by this restriction and it has been going on for some time now (over a month).  Also, I can't even post on the WOW forum cuz it says "restricted" and I have an account.  Jeez  this stinks.

    Guess I'll keep playing GW and trying out the DAoC which I bought at the same time as WOW.


    Thanks anyway.

  • Outkast22Outkast22 Member Posts: 51

    thats a link to WoW forums saying which servers you can't make a char on atm.

  • skaiskai Member UncommonPosts: 100

    The system is actually quite simple.

    "If there is a queue to log in to that server, you cannot create a character there unless you already have someone created."

    As stated previously, try a low population servers (Note: New doesn't mean Low pop, those servers are usually more crowded)

    If you absolutely must create on a particular server (friends etc...), then do it an early morning and you'll be fine.

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