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Will you play Wildstar when it hits F2P? If so here is a leveling guide i made!

njoy420njoy420 Member UncommonPosts: 12

So i made a leveling guide for people who were thinking about playing Wildstarwhen it becomes free2play and wants to hit cap level as fast as possible!


Little bit of backround: Im half french and half finnish, so learning a third language(english) was hard and im still working on it and trying to get better. You will definitely notice that in the video so bare with me! :P

Short version of the guid:

  1. Arkship tutorial: If you have already done the tutorial you can skip it on your alts and be lvl 3 instantly!

  2. Housing buff / potion: You can grab an XP buff every 24hours wich lasts 24hours from your housing plot board. You can also buy xp potions (8%) from the renown (currency)vendor.

  3. Guild: You can get an 8% xp buff from a guild wich has the XP perk, find a guild from the weekly guild recruitment thread in the Wildstar subreddit. Lots of guilds recruiting, from casual to hardcore.

  4. Quests: Always focus on Story quests, dont do tasks!

  5. Mob levels: ALways fight mobs as higher level than you as possible, the higher the mobs the higher the XP.

Final Thoughts: This is my first actual video and enjoyed doing it, i will do a lot more video's related to MMORPG's, alltho i will try to focus on Wildstar during beta and F2P launch, to give you guys the easiest time trying Wildstar again. Video's that i have on my mind includes: EVERY SINGLE changes from launch to this day, f2p patch video (drop6) money grinding guide (how to get your self CREDD easily )

Anyways thanks for watching and reading guys, have a good day!


  • TribeofOneTribeofOne Member UncommonPosts: 1,006
    thanks for the guide!  Ill probably give Wildstar another shot after f2p
  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Member RarePosts: 5,361
    I thought the guide was basically follow the floating exclamation marks on top of npc
  • DragnelusDragnelus Member EpicPosts: 3,144
    Will try it at launch. At beta I hated the kiddie design and ground flashs.

  • JaedorJaedor Member UncommonPosts: 1,173

    I still have 68 gift boxes to open so I'll be logging in regularly once it goes F2P.

  • SunnybeachSunnybeach Member CommonPosts: 20
    When is this F2P transition supposed to happen?
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