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MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

Coming this summer!

photo weatherstock_7_1280_more_info_coming_soon_zps4vymdgfv.png


  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

    photo 971b6af5-68c2-4300-8f6e-913c0b1d8db7_zpselzjwwmo.jpg

    While its still pretty early, This Weatherstock promises to be the biggest yet. We at LMB are in the process of trying to make MMO history if we get a response from the party we have contacted. I wish I could reveal more.

    Whatever happens, we have made commitments to increase advertising in order to gather the largest, festive crowd yet. We at the Lonely Mountain Band have been amazed at the response by all of you who really have made this event the blockbuster it now is.

    There have been many changes in LOTRO and a lot of them havent been well received, but everyone loves a party, right? So if you will consider rolling a toon on Landroval between now and the event date our server and its citizens will welcome you and invite you with open arms for the musical event to rule them all.

    P-ogg, yer welcome to bring forth any announcements you feel needed !

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749

    Have nothing particular to add :)

    Weatherstock is announced at the LotRO course as well, so even if the course will close a month before, I think you can expect some new players from other servers attending. Since the area is protected by the red-shirts, the concert is safe for even freshly rolled lvl6 characters.


    Don't know when will Turbine move the game to the new servers, but currently it seems this will be the last Weatherstock on the old gear - I hope we can break it again, let those circuits melting down under the load! image

  • DelCabonDelCabon Member UncommonPosts: 257

    Ill be back in July to attend. I consider myself lucky to have my mains on Landroval and be able to attend all these great events in my full regalia :)

    I am always surprised at just how good these bands are and the full range of songs they play.

    The Lotro in-game music system is one of its hallmark features IMO. I can't sing and I can't play but I 'm still a big fan.


    Del Cabon
    A US Army ('Just Cause') Vet and MMORPG Native formerly of Trinsic, Norath and Dereth. Currently playing LOTRO. 

  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141
  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

    Checking in once again to let interested players know we will have a concert series beginning June 19th. This is a preliminary audition from bands vying for the entry slots available. Posters to be released when we receive them. The concert series with go until just before Weatherstock itself on July 25.


    photo 5757b07b-777b-4672-b5b4-81be6ce8718c_zpsj1oa0kun.jpg

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749

    More like:

    - Look at the size of those antlers, Sam!

    - Antlers? No Mr. Frodo, those are our special longue seats Mr. Bilbo rented for us back in the days. You know, otherwise we could see only legs and butts the whole time, those Tall Folks always standing in the front rows...

  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

    Ha Ha P_ogg! Hey! Its Audition time!

    photo weatherstock_7_wcs_600_zpsihv67pzd.png

  • flizzerflizzer Member RarePosts: 2,443
    This is hoot. I remember one year I got drunk and fell of the cliff.  Great memories!
  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141
    It has been decided among the event organizers to go ahead and reveal that Guinness World Records has been contacted with a request for an "attendance" record for a musical event in an MMO. Many of us believe this is  the largest PLAYER run event in any MMO. So regardless we hope to set yet another record. Request was sent on May 14th this year.
  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

    Apologies for the absence here. RL has its priorities it seems.

    photo weatherstock_7_schedule_600_zpss1taxhxc.png

    Weatherstock is THIS weekend. Planning and excitement has not waned.  10 bands chosen from 20 who applied via a lottery. An encore event for the 10 runner up bands is set for friday the 24th. See the poster for location and times, and , of course the bands.

    photo weatherstock_7_wwww_schedule_600_zpslks7zdfx.png

    In fact, see and read all posters for pertinent info for live streaming, pre-event festivities, schedules, instructions etc and all that stuff.

    photo weatherstock_7_livestreams_600_zpszqdoaalm.png

    Remember, anyone reading this can play LOTRO free, and get a character through the intro at about level 6, and actually be able to witness this event. Make sure you choose Landroval server.  Security will be provided for lowbies as well as many tips and instructions to mitigate lag .

    Its all about fun. If it werent for you who attend and participate where would we be? Hoping to see you there.

    photo Arwen-Fellowship-of-the-Ring-arwen-undomiel-34589376-960-411_zpsia4d7cs3.jpg

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    Originally posted by Morrowbreeze

    Remember, anyone reading this can play LOTRO free, and get a character through the intro at about level 6, and actually be able to witness this event. Make sure you choose Landroval server.  Security will be provided for lowbies as well as many tips and instructions to mitigate lag .

    That sounds a bit more frightening than it really is :)

    Simply Weathertop is a level 23-24ish area, so a lowbie level 6 character is chased a lot by wargs, crebains, boars, etc. due to the big level difference. That's why there's a red-shirt dept. during the concerts who keep chasing off (a.k.a. killing) the respawning mobs who would jump on lowlevel players, with it providing a safe concert experience for the newcomers / visitors from other servers, who roll on Landroval only for the event.

    (but of course it's also possible to go there alone, it's challenging and fun. I did it even with a level 1 chicken several times already image)

  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

    photo e3c6c17c-0a38-4eff-9e4e-35d72ffb4f0c_zpsrpbjupem.jpg`

    event day minus 2.

    photo weatherstock_7_vending_team_600_zpsfrubcz5f.png

    photo weatherstock_7_stage_team_600_zpsuqfx11c6.png

    photo weatherstock_7_security_team_600_zpsoq1yfulx.png



  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

    Event day -1

    Thank all of you for  visiting this thread. Hope to see you at the summit!



    photo a14f59ee-7f85-4988-9cdd-1280c87a9036_zps5cyfxu48.jpg

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749

    Oh man, I totally missed this one so far, the 2015 Rumbalicious Weatherstock song...

    Chastine is awesome image  too bad there's no Don't Tempt Me Frodo performace this year.

  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

     the winners of todays mega event are;

    Free Peoples Choice 3rd place----Die Mersterbarden von Bree

    Free Peoples Choice second place-----The Rolling Kegs

    Free Peoples Choice first place-----The Remediators


    Lonely Mountain Band Cup 3rd place----Starlight

    Lonely mountain Band Cup second place----The Rolling Kegs

    Lonely Mountain Band Cup first place----The Remediators


    Congrats to all winners and really to all bands who did a wonderful job! A huge thank you to all who attended. You are the ones who make this event what it is! The fireworks and air drums were awesome werent they!

    Post Weatherstock numbers. This time verified via a software program written by one of our kinnies.

    Last years verified numbers for total attendance was 903

    this years numbers for total attendance was  945.

    Live streaming reported to be in the 250 range but not confirmed.

    If these numbers are accurate, we are looking for a total who saw the event at around near 1200. This may make for largest player RUN event in MMO dom.

    Guinness World Records never got back with us. Their loss.

    many emotes were counted via the software program and the cheer emote had 20000 hits.

    photo weatherstock2015_attendance_final_zpscleabkrd.png

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749

    And the manners? Where's the /thanks count from the list, for all those free ales and drums? Grin - 6 is there, I alone did more than 6 /thankses during the night... image

    Was a great night, thanks to the LMBand for putting it together again. The horrid Lag-monster tried hard to take away the fun, maybe it's a perfect time indeed for Turbine to move the game onto the new servers, seems the hamsters in the current servers are tired and old... image

    (and while it's not very compassionate from me, I really hope those sick&twisted trolls will be handed over to Sauron)

    Even with the less dancing around, it's a nice chart. Looks like the shorty dances are way more popular than the Tall Folk ones - and for a reason I might add :) dwarf2 and hobbit1 are my favourites too.


    Headcount is cool, nice to see so many folks at once! Maybe a year ago there was a thread here lamenting that nowadays with instancing and layers you can't see real crowd in MMOs, like larger than 100-150 peeps... well, here it is.  pre-concert at the Forsaken Inn (more than 100 folks already)  gathering on Weathertop (Tinki*, lower right in yellow image btw the Tinki song at the end was great)  the sight from the VIP seats (not really, all seats are free of course)  at the end, before leaving for the after party in Bree  the usual, bird's eye view I like to take :)

    (sorry for the quality, tried not to turn down everything, but had to for some extent, the lag was unbeorningable...)


    *edit: on a second thought, I'm not sure about the backpack... maybe it's Anthemisa? Which one of you carries the keg?

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] CommonPosts: 0
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

    As to the question of "whos Tinki", thats easy, Im the best looking one. Using that criteria Im easy to spot :)

    photo e23ac417-ae92-410e-beea-a35d98b8907b_zps63db91ea.png


  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    Originally posted by Dren_Utogi

    wht stinks is that character numbers allowed to be displayed on screen will have trimmed the number when yu take a screen shot. So youonly going to get so many chaacter on the screen at one time,


    shame they couldnt do a free character transfer for a day too, all my toons are on melendor :|

    I don't think that's the case, there's only 2 toggles you can set, the render detail of surrounding players, and a "limiter" if you go into crowded places. For me both settings are set the way that no limit on players and not limited render details.

    (and that's the default I think, so most people have the same, that's why it's suggested to hide the cloaks and weapons on Weatherstock, since those give an extra load, just like mounts and cosmetic pets)

    The number on the shots are only "trimmed" by me, the first two are before the main event, the last two are after it (and after the server crashes, not everyone logged back after that). The middle one, "vip seat" (image) however is a pretty crowded pic - mind you hobbits are mostly not seen because tall folks are standing over them (LotRO has no collision). There were several chickens too, you don't see them either :) Heck, there was even a horse...


    Found this video (there were twitchy streams too, but I don't like twitch image)  you can see the crowd was pretty large... that part where everyone is sitting is after the server crash, while waiting for people to log back after the restart.


    Btw. I'm not on Landy either, just rolled a character for the events there years ago. Tutorial part is 30min tops, after that you're good, I saw plenty of level 6 players around...

  • AthisarAthisar Member UncommonPosts: 666

    A couple of screenshots I took.

    At the Forsaken Inn before the main event.

    At Weathertop.

    My client crashed a lot so I didn't stay that long, but it was fun to see.

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