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ESO Vampire Guild Recruitment


Hey Guys! I decided to create a vampire guild for bite selling and bite donating. 

I also have a few conditions and a few notes: 


  • Non-Vampires ARE allowed in for 3 days until they are kicked out, Unless they are turned. 
  • I cannot bite unfortunately.
  • Werewolves ARE tolerated but have VERY low permissions.
  • Scamming by using bites IS NOT TOLERATED. If you are found scamming, you will be kicked from the guild. 


I currently am alone in the guild, and would like to create an active guild. If you want to join, leave a comment and someone named Schism_989 will invite you.  image 


  • Schism_989Schism_989 Member Posts: 2
    I am the guild leader. Any questions, contact me on PSN: Schism_989
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