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[PS4][NA][EP] Goon Squadron is Recruiting!

Goon Squadron is a guild of very experienced MMO players; and we are looking to expand. We hope to be able to share our insights and build the guild up in order to push end-game content. We also plan to eventually roll out into PvP. We are currently leveling and running dungeons - and we share items. We are looking for active members that are willing to learn / have MMO experience. If you are at least Veteran Rank 1 and would like to join us for (veteran) dungeons, adventures and fun times in guild chat, add The-Amazing-Ace on PSN and send a message about your interest in the guild.


A little about our members:

Some of us that have been playing together for years completed all end-game content in WoW up until the release of Cataclysm (when we stopped playing). We also maintained 2200+ arena ratings during this time (top 3% in PVP). We have also finished all content in Destiny, including running flawless Trials of Osiris every week.


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