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Zombies Ate My Pizza First Look

SilentstormSilentstorm Member UncommonPosts: 1,126

First Look Video

This game for starters seems to have a strong liking for pizza. You have pizza puns, jokes, killing moves, etc. Majority of the time I have no idea what the story is talking about. Because they substitute pizza for everything.

Once you get beyond the pizza fetish. You have a smooth browser shooter. I used to say that's rare in today's gaming age. Not anymore as of this year. More and more of these types of games are popping up. So now I look for something more unique in them.

That game is a lot like Contra, Ikari Warriors, and Commando. Putting all of those things together is awesome. But the missions are so short you hardly get any blood pumping action. Ultimately I think that's what keeps you from really enjoying this game. Even raid bosses are really short encounters.

I've only managed up to level 26 to date. But the dungeons and missions don't seem to get any longer. The enemies however just start to hit harder. I enjoy the game for what it is. And being it's a browser game. Maybe the short burst is what it's aiming for. I mean it is a Gpaw after all. And if you gaming to play games at work short burst is where it's at. So you don't get busted not doing your job lol.....


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