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  • AvatarBladeAvatarBlade Member UncommonPosts: 757
    The fact that you have all those large skill trees with the different classes you can unlock and develop.
  • supermoe92supermoe92 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Its legit
  • pkstalkerpkstalker Member Posts: 1
    The fight against bosses.
  • wmcook32wmcook32 Member Posts: 1
    I love the game mainly for the fact that I enjoy the premise and story line. That I can change my class at any time to fit the need of the moment. The fact that with a little work I can be on par with everyone else in the "end game".
  • FinklesFinkles Member CommonPosts: 1
    Im having a great time playing this game right now, I love the casual aspect of the game instead of the necessary countless hours to catch up and play "end game". I only wish that it fixes the UI involving the chat, pantheon and the ability to link items and have chat tabs instead of using arrow keys and enter. It seems that it was coded in the olden ways of games lol. Fantastic concept of a game and looking forward to its patches to nerf the OP slayers in PVP arenas.
  • lordknigtlordknigt Member UncommonPosts: 3
    i love skyforge because even a weak man like me can be immortal
  • hqtstickmanhqtstickman Member UncommonPosts: 4
    The lore is very unique, the game is very pretty, and that Ascension Atlus looks like it will be very cool to tinker with.
  • normankelnormankel Member Posts: 1
    I like the game so far, i like the combo system, the progression with the 2 different atlas, and the garphics are beautiful.   i am more worried about seeing end game content and working into the advanced classes.   ive been playing for 3 days and cant stop and dont want to
  • gamerearlyninegamerearlynine Member UncommonPosts: 1
    I enjoy the game graphics the most. Especially those landscape while questing. 
  • tofuknighttofuknight Member UncommonPosts: 15
    i like how there's a new system in leveling and how i can eventailly use every class
  • NightLoirNightLoir Member UncommonPosts: 1
    I like the idea of one character which you can custumise the way you want even gender
  • netierreznetierrez Member Posts: 1
    The combo, customization and game play looks cool
  • muppetpilotmuppetpilot Member UncommonPosts: 171

    The class system is a good one, imo.  After playing MMOs with recycled content and leveling systems for years now, the lack of such linear restrictions to abilities/levels in Skyforge is a wonderful thing so far.

    The god system is probably the biggest idea that drew me to Skyforge in the first place.  I have not gotten to experience it yet, but am definitely looking forward to it!  Being able to help friends and just affect things in general in such an awesome way is going to add a lot of fun to the "end game" or whatever you want to call it.


    "Why would I want to loose a religion upon my people? Religions wreck from within - Empires and individuals alike! It's all the same." - God Emperor of Dune

  • SoraksisSoraksis Member UncommonPosts: 294
    The combat style is completely refreshing from the old tab target play style.  I also really enjoy the fact you have weekly limits on the amount of sparks and other progression resources to keep people from blowing through game in a weeks time. 
  • mvap28mvap28 Member Posts: 1
    I would say I enjoy the difficulty of this game the most. Everything about the game is really good. The graphics, gameplay, classes, the way you progress and the provinces/followers are all great but I definitely enjoy the challenge it gives you the most. A lot of MMO games dont offer you a decent challenge like this one does.  Most of them you can breeze by until the end game stuff. This game though, feels like it gives you a challenge just after a few hours of playing and I really enjoy that part.
  • rifuxbloomsrifuxblooms Member UncommonPosts: 6

    WEEEEIIIIII~ Be the badass GODS or Goddess


  • rrhillsrrhills Member UncommonPosts: 14

    it has been simple enough for me to just jump in and start playing. I have enjoyed it so far. looking to see more good things come out of this game.

  • gokihangokihan Member UncommonPosts: 3
    People say you cant live without love, but I think SKYFORGE is more important. :)
  • AShadowAShadow Member UncommonPosts: 2
    The exploration and class options.
  • john25301john25301 Member UncommonPosts: 11
    Love the setting!

    "We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - Winston Churchill

  • roscuroroscuro Member Posts: 7

    I love the environment graphics and the fighting animations!


  • superskweakysuperskweaky Member CommonPosts: 4
    The combo system is pretty cool. Along with clean animations. Also the classes seem interesting.
  • MicrocapMicrocap Member UncommonPosts: 1
    The game is fun and there are many things to do.
  • AspryAspry Member UncommonPosts: 2
    I love how the game reminds me of so many mmo's bunched in together such as Destiny, final fantasy 14, Vindictus  and so many more. Its so well made that it just fits, its not too much of something it all takes in a little bit of each from other mmo's and eventually created itself into something spectacular. That is what I love about Skyforge.
  • AlisfiezeAlisfieze Member UncommonPosts: 1
    I enjoy the combat and classes, also difficulty scaling. The way they introduce the game is nice, too
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