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won a rose 100 key..now what?



  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    Originally posted by gulthaw
    bump!what's up with this? any info?ty in advance

    ill mail em again today guys see if anymore news, will post reply as usuall....

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22


    We did work a deal out with ROSE North America and we have purchased the 100
    ninety day game cards from them to reimburse the winners of our contest.

    We are hoping to get the prizes this week and get them out ASAP.


    thats the latest guys

  • neotokyoneotokyo Member Posts: 18

    Finally, atleast I get to play a new MMORPG soon.

  • zorothezzorothez Member Posts: 83

    u guys r talking about R.O.S.E. (rush on seven episodes) right? i had thought that game was free?

    tho i havent played it in about 10-12 months lol so i guess it could have changed to p2p

    it was fun while it was free lol good times

  • gulthawgulthaw Member Posts: 17

    I've just received the email with instructions to create the account.

    Thnks guys for all your efforts and keep up the good work ;D

    Yay! Let's play!! :D

  • damagedamage Member UncommonPosts: 45

    yeah i got mine the other day.. yay And a big tnx to peeps at mmorpg image

    my in game name is DamageX

  • liamwbaliamwba Member Posts: 32

    wait till all 100 are confirmed thats all i can guess is whats happend? correct me if im rong,



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