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World of Warcraft: The Art of World of Warcraft Giveaway!



  • AvadoreAvadore Member Posts: 1

    I love the WoW franchise and what attracted me to the game was the character Illidan. His sense of justice and vengeance that guided him to destruction.. His power will even after being betrayed by his partners. And his love for Tyrande that he abdicated for his brother.

  • kabuki77kabuki77 Member UncommonPosts: 6
    World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade expansion Box is my favorite till now. Dont know if is because of the nostalgy of those times, the lore behind it or because the art in it but is for sure my favorite one
  • UnholyvampUnholyvamp Member UncommonPosts: 5

    Most likely this one, because it brings back the best memories.


  • BalianWolfieBalianWolfie Member UncommonPosts: 240

    Fav male human mage, it reminds me of the male mage in original release CG of the game fighting the hellfire stone. T2 mage set looks great, brings back so much memory, especially the head that requires the Onyxia liar key unlock. Had tons of fun with both blackstone spire (upper and lower) and BWL. This also reminds me of how fun it is to collect the t0 set and upgrade into t0.5 set (INSANE 5M DUNGEON EXTRA HIDDEN BOSSES!). Even though it's not T3 frostfire, the fusion of blue and red reminds me of frostfire, which also brings back the memory when (around AQ/NAXX) they made shatter (frost tree, multiply critical chance by three against frozen target , later changed to add 50% critical chance against frozen target) apply not just frost dmg but all mage dmg, making my cookie cutter frostfire viable and insanely bursty! ALSO BEST (LOOKING) T2 SHOULDER!


    Well, all these are but memories now.


  • SzqqqSzqqq Member UncommonPosts: 38

    When creating virtual worlds there is no thing more important than music. Music binds it all together: adventures, epic quests, moments of nostalgia when we played WoW for the first time and met new friends. These all resonate accompanied by a certain music score. Years have past and every player remembers the specific tune still playing in his head. The tune which made him sail away with his mind during a boring class at school ;)

    For me the real piece of art is the beautiful Burning Crusade OST and The Sin'dorei.




    Pure impeccable immersion in a mmorpg when you start your journey as a Blood Elf  listening to this. Some things you cannot forget and it is a pleasure to be, as a player, a part of this great story that still goes on over a decade now. Thx Blizzard.

  • Branko2307Branko2307 Member UncommonPosts: 327


    I have been playing and enjoying WoW for last 10years and i like numerous Blizzard Art pieces, but since WOD came out and this Art was posted, it instantly became my wallpaper. This piece is truly ART, you can feel the determination, power and confidence of Grommash to the fullest.


    Holy Flamin' Frost-Brand Gronk-Slayin' Vorpal Hammer o' Woundin' an' Returnin' an' Shootin'-Lightnin'-Out-Yer-Bum!! ~Planescape: Torment~

  • JakobmillerJakobmiller Member UncommonPosts: 333

    I think this is among my favorites. I started World of Warcraft at 2/3 into vanilla. I was about level 53 on my frost mage when burning crusade released and I bought the collectors edition and got it signed by a lot of the artists working on World of Warcraft at the time. I still got the box today :) This was the cover of the concept art book, which I have been looking through so many times. Best memories from my MMORPG time.

  • LothkyLothky Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Source: http://media.blizzard.com/wow/media/wallpapers/patch/ahnqiraj/ahnqiraj-large.jpg

    To be honest, it has been a pretty difficult choice. WoW has given me tons and tons of fun times. Every version of the game has had its owns perks. But after giving a thought, I've decided to place this Art of "The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj" patch.

    The main reason I chose this, it's because I think the War Effort event was the pinnacle of WoW as an MMO. All people in the server could contribute in the event. That means, this event was really focused in the Massive Multiplayer aspect of the game. And that's why I played WoW, because I wanted to do things with as many people as possible. Gathering all the materials, killing all the bosses, doing all the events in Duskwood, Feralas, Hinterlands, Ashenvale, Azshara, Winterspring, Tanaris... Omg, just remembering it gives me chills.

    The second reason, but not as heavy as the one above, is because I liked the story behind it. Don't get me wrong, I think that the plot regarding The Lich King and The Plague is still the best one, but as a side story, the War of the Shifting Sands and having to kill an Old God was great. This side plots are something that I miss in today's WoW, where everything is focused only in the main plot.

    Ah, the good old days.

  • CatibrieCatibrie Member UncommonPosts: 81

    My husband drags me to almost every new MMO but my little Bloodelf by far is my favorite character and every time we go back to WoW its like going back to visit an old friend and my first MMO love. This wallpaper makes me think of all the good times I had picking herbs to make potions for my friends and guildies. 


  • zosti8zosti8 Member UncommonPosts: 4

    I love Northrend. The ice and snow is one of my favorite things. I feel blessed to have a white winter where I live and it excites me when I get to visit it in one of my favorite games. Death Knight is the class of my favorite character, I've enjoyed him ever since.

    This piece of art moves me. If I could get a larger size, I would keep it as my desktop background. I love the movement in the picture and how the artist chose to incorporate one lone man. I like to think of him as my Death Knight, standing on the frigid glacier, searching for a home. Goosebumps raise just staring at this.

  • DauntisDauntis Member UncommonPosts: 600

    For me this is the image that started it all.

    Help support an artist and gamer who has lost his tools to create and play: http://www.gofundme.com/u63nzcgk

  • shadowman465shadowman465 Member UncommonPosts: 32

    The Wrath of the Lich King Trailer:

    This trailer is so dark and deep. The way the father is speaking in the background of doing righteousness and exercising power. Then going on to say the most important thing is siring the hearts of your people. Arthas is doing those things but not exactly the way the father would have thought. 

  • ortoniusortonius Member UncommonPosts: 11

    I think it's the art of Orgrimmar.  I don't know that there will ever be a moment in video games for me that is the same as approaching the south gate and hearing the familiar Orgrimmar music kick in with the blasting horns, breaking of steel, and thundering drums.  It still gets me right in the feels every time I hear that music.  It's almost a sacred place, and one that holds true to be the best for me.  


  • kabitoshinkabitoshin Member UncommonPosts: 852

    Nagrand has been one of my favorite zones for a long time, I really liked it for it's simple yet lush green plains. This place also holds some of my fondest moments of open world PvP.

  • SinakuSinaku Member UncommonPosts: 551

    It is really hard to choose the "best" artwork that has come out of World of Warcraft. However, like many other people, my favorite character is Illidan. He has by far the best back story, and really is one of the most powerful people in the Warcraft universe. Overall Burning Crusades contains some of my best memories of an MMORPG.

  • SwaneaSwanea Member UncommonPosts: 2,401

    Music is still art! I still listen to the sound tracks from time to  time.  But nothing really inspires my nostalgia and love of WoW like the Hellfire music and even more so Honor Hold.

    I felt the music really stood out.  It's weird, but I want to say the music in BC really had soul and love behind it.  The entire sound track is only 9 hours long.

    As for drawing artwork...



    The prospect of playing a new race with the first expansion, I just couldn't wait for! So my third (shush) priest was draenei.  My first paladin also.  While spaceships was sorta weird...the entire planet and lore on outlands showed just how badly they had suffered at the hands of the orcs...

  • MandaloreMandalore Member UncommonPosts: 126

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  • ThorkuneThorkune Member UncommonPosts: 1,969

    This is my all time favorite WoW art. Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros was my first legendary weapon and I worked so hard to get it. I have played WoW on and off since 2005 and I continue to go back to it when I need my fantasy genre fix. 


  • jlong64jlong64 Member UncommonPosts: 2

    Sunwalker Dezco

    NOthing speaks to me more than this Tauren with an armload of baby Tauren. Grim protector saving the young. Willing to sacrifice all to save them. Truly epic

  • ET3DET3D Member UncommonPosts: 317

    Why I like it? Character and composition. It's just a beautiful image, IMO.

  • nahadonahado Member UncommonPosts: 6

    I like how the starting gear of dk looks  :)

  • PsYcHoGBRPsYcHoGBR Member UncommonPosts: 479
  • marcuslmmarcuslm Member UncommonPosts: 263


    I've always loved this pic. The armor is awesome and the lighting is very dramatic. Blizzard has always managed to make Azeroth feel like a real world that could exist, even though it is filled with strange creatures and fantasy. In my opinion, it has always been the world and lore that has kept people playing WoW.




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    Congratulations to our winners!

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